Trip Detour

It's been a slow lazy Sunday and I thought about taking a trip today.  Before I could travel though of course looking just right was the first step.  I decided to take a lil peek at a few stores I had heard about but had never been to and I found some dahling things that I just could not pass up.  I walked into the doors of Swallow and fell in love!  She has skins and accessories and so much more.  All I could say was I want ALL THE THINGS!

After I had my fill of yumminess and emitted many girlie squeals I finally left Swallow and headed to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room where I found this adorable dress.  Shopping complete I went home and searched through my closets and drawers for accessories to match my finds, got my hair did and finally I'm ready for my trip! Naaaah...on second thought maybe I'll just rest here on this bed and take a lil nap.  Plenty of time for travel tomorrow.

Hair:  Faenzo - Uffie Hair // LIBR Dark Brown

Glasses:  Swallow: Lion Shades Classic Colors_wear

Skin:  {Meghindo's} ~ Trina ~ Caramel Skin Tone ~

Necklace & Bracelet:  :Amorous: Splendor Solis

Earrings:  MG - Earrings - Tokyo Tears - Black

Purse:  [Gang/Cold] Momoka Clutch "Cute Seduction" Black

Dress:  .:SS:. Nude Mesh Romper Mini (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)


Vespertine- attic table set mix
Virtual props & poses - suitcases
[*Art Dummy!] - Slumber. (bed-wood cheveron) 

Until laters my awesome dolls!