Oh Collabor88 Why You Take All My Monies?

Because you have rocking designers that's why!!

I always find so much good stuff at this monthly event that I find myself splurging and purchasing Lindens Just for it. 
20$ a month?
Yeah, I'm worth it!

 This beautiful Gown by ISON -  The amelia lace gown in snow.
.My mesh head and neck glitches a little with the collar but I loved it soo much that I got it anyway and will wear it proudly!

Looks windy out huh? 
Naw that's just the effect of my flowing windswept hair from Clawtooth.

Next up is the super cute  Jezibell Dress  from The Secret Store in Chocolate
I tried on the demo and fell in love. 
Lots of love from me to these designers yesterday FOR SURE! 

Oh, what's that? Ember got ANOTHER new hair??
Oh hells yes!
Another stunner from ""D!va"" I's called "Chika4" (Cat's eye)
( Can I buy shares in this store? ♥)

And last but not least..The #1 reason I fought me way through lag, derendered everyone in the store..( sorry for trampling you invisible people :)
The [Gos] Isabella Sandals - Magic Collection.
  super sexy  ( wanna lick my own toes) 
3 PAIRS!!! 
Excellent deal as always from GOS. THANK~YOU!!

So go  muscle your way in.. 
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