Rockabilly Goodies!!

I'm beginning to sense a theme, ladies and both Savvy AND Ember have posted about before, the Rockabilly Fashion Fair is live, going on from now until November 23rd, with sooo much stuff!! 
You're lookin at about 100 designers or so from all across the grid, coming together to showcase exclusive rockabilly-themed pieces, available for you! And the great thing is, (nearly)all of the designers have an exclusive release for women, and for the men as well. I had such a great time dragging the hubby around with me, and the first night he actually ended up buying more than I did! 
I know, shocker right? 

I shall definately be back to show off more and more of my finds, but tonight I want to focus on something that ALL girls on the grid care deeply about, and that would be hair. Specifically, what Eon from Moda Designs has released as a Rockabilly Fair exclusive!!

 *tosses my mane back* Ladies, meet Anna!

Just look at her, dangit!! This hair...I tried it on, and I was in love. Nice and long, with victory curls to give it that nice vintage era nod...with a freakin FLOWER attachment to boot!! le sigh, I'm in love. 

I had to find something, anything, to wear this hair with, so I dug out a favorite dress of mine, also from Moda...called the Bisset. Now, I am a curvy girl on the grid already, but honey...this dress streamlines those curves, cinches in the waist with a small corset, and gives you an ass for DAYS, if not months. This dress comes with a texture change HUD, that gives you a whopping 24 different you could really wear this dress EVERY day and look different, sort of like what I've been doing this past week! The corset around the waist also changes to two colors, black(which is shown), and brown.  Eon knocked it out of the ballpark with the success of this dress!

Yes, yes, YES!!! 

While I was wandering around the Rockabilly Fair, I went to Just You Jewels, and pretty much bought them out. There were so many pretties, I just couldn't resist, and I can't wait to add the bracelets and necklaces to my regularly worn jewelry selection. 

This last picture is just to showcase the pretty flower in Moda's hair, and to give some love to my bootay. :D

Happy shopping, my darlings!!! <3

What I'm Wearing:
Eyeliner - ~Blacklace Beauty~ Black Cat Eyeliner
Eyelashes - ~Blacklace Beauty~ Prim Lashes - Long&Thick
Lipstick - =MODA= Designs =MODA= Lip Stain #2 - Cherry Pie
Beauty Mark - -Belleza- Beauty Mark 1 - Available@ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair

Hair: =MODA= Designs Anna Hair Bundle&HUD - Size Small(Worn w/Hibiscus Flower: Flower has 14 texture change options)

Choker - ::Twisted and Spoiled:: Leather Collar(Texture Change)
Other Necklaces - Maxi Gossamer on Marketplace Love Rocker - Silver&Black Diamonds - Heart Necklace&Cross Necklace
Bracelets -  ***Just You Jewels*** Bracelets Rock with Me Baby Bag - Available@ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Rings - ...:::Scrub:::... Raus Rings Dx

Arms - Letis Tattoo Culture Unicorn Sleeves
Chest - Tenjin My Vintage Heart Tattoo - Available at The Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Leg - Letis Tattoo Culture Leg Tattoo Rosary

Dress: =MODA= Designs Bisset Corset Dress M1
Shoes: [Diktator] - ENVY -Baroque Heels - Fatpack(Black with silver metal shown)

Poses used: Various individual poses from Glitterati and oOo Studio :D

***This post is dedicated to my sassy sister, who noted that I have been wearing this dress off and on for almost a week, and wasn't surprised in the least when I chose to blog this entire outfit tonight. Love you muchness!! ***