In living Colour

I have a new addiction, well not new but definitely intensified.
I am addicted to taking photos. Seems it's all I do of late.
Well that and shop!
Speaking of. Check out what I found.. 
Some on sale and some FREE!
Till next time Dolls.
Peace and Love.
Ember ♥

Hair - Analog dog - pop scotch. {Free in bubble @ the beach}
Horns - *Epic* Sparkle Element Snowflake Horns! {White} {Free @ FROST}
Skin - [ Al Vulo! ] - [ EWa ] - [ -Kinder Fairy ] group gift
Shirt - Lumiere - Simple Tops {Slebrity Street Sale}
Pants - SAKIDE -  Unbuttoned Long Shorts White {FREE in discount room}
Shoes - HOLLY MESH WHITE MARSHA BOOTS {Slebrity Street Sale}
Pose prop - Juxtapose  - West End Boys Prop