It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad 8 Bit World

I suddenly feel like chasing a Gorilla!
 I'm all Marioliscious in my World of Madness Mario Tshirt!
Ember is playing Luigi in case you didn't recognize her with the mustache.
 They're available during the current cycle at the Cosmopolitian Sales Room.

Get there quick, the Holiday's are almost here!
By the way, the Hat is included too!

Carson - #WOM* T-SHIRT Mario + hat {@ The Cosmopolitan Sales Room}
Jeans- Classic Jeans - Mesh - S - Ocean - LowRise Hoorenbeek
Shoes- Chelsea - Men - Used Beige Hoorenbeek
8-bit moustache- [ Byte ] Mustashes 

Ember- #WOM* T- SHIRT Luigi  + hat {@ The Cosmopolitan Sales Room}
Jeans- Vivid
Boots-  coco mesh boots free gift
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Hair- Crys expresso TRUTH HAIR

Location- The 8-bit area

Here's some old school Mario and Luigi ...enjoy!