My sweater is snowing!

My sweater is snowing! 

I am telling everyone who wants to hear. There are really falling snowflakes down my sweater and legwarmers. Never did I know it was possible to animate mesh clothing, and this while I have been making clothing myself. *X*plosion however is one of the handful stores that sells unique meshes, meaning they have not been bought fullperm on the marketplace. 

Are you sad like me that the time to wear christmas outfits is behind us once more? Just join me in wearing cute wintery outfits. Because I think we still have a few months ahead of us with hats, mittens and warm sweaters. Though I must admit I prefer the evenings at the fireplace wearing my favorite jammies and curling up in my favorite pink, fleece blanket.

As you see I decided to go with a different look. I planned to be an elf, or maybe a drow. That didn't quite work out. As I was looking for designers that sell interesting fantasy skins of good quality, I ended up at *My Uglydorothy. I was completely overwhelmed by the cute and affordable clothing sold here and the big pile of dollarbie skins. Multiple skins caught my attention: on the picture I am wearing 'Bloom'. Even if you don't like the gifts, a regular skin costs only 300 linden.

The next stop was Love Soul

Again: a lot of freebies and cute outfits and hair at this sim. Definately worth a visit if you are low on money or just looking for cute stuff! 

Unfortunately none of the hair at Love Soul seems to be meshified yet and I'm not sure I can still get away with wearing regular primmy hair? But anyway, this hair is so cute I simply can't help myself. I mean, look: it has a bow! 

Before I end this long blog, I want to share you the location I took the pictures in this blog. It is the mainstore of Alouette. And yes! They are selling the complete candy store, as a whole package and also in seperate jars of candy. Who cares about new year's resolutions when they can have their own candy store?

This carton box house from Alouette is made for child avatars, 
but I think it's awesome anyway. I want one!


Hair: [Love Soul] Hair*102*White Blonde
Make-up: Pink Acid Clear Lip Gloss
Eyes: [ROLY-POLY]GlassEeys (sky) S
Sweater & Legwarmers: *X*plosion Tingly Outfit !! Winter PROMO !!
Skirt: loveme. pokopang mini skirt / white M