The Main Event!

A new concept in shopping.
The designers here have a special item for sale at the Main event.
You can buy the other item they have at their main store.
Sounds good to me, this way I get to discover stores I wouldn't normally get to and really some designers are just so damn talented with their sim design, I tend to spend a lot of time just wandering around them.
Also a nod to the POE hunt, I have been very busy doing this, it is my FAVORITE hunt on the grid and would like to thank all the creators involved in making it happen. Details on the hunt HERE.
Ok, enough of my babbling...
On to the Main Event!

Much love and squishes,


Hair - Magika [03] Today
Skin - S@R Hybrid Avatar_Nea_Natural white
Corset - [ SAKIDE ] Khione Corset @ The Main Event 
Skirt - [ SAKIDE ] Khione Skirt @ Sakide Main Store.
Shoes - [Gos] Boutique - Lauren d'Orsay - Silver
Screen & rug - ^^POE6 GLOBE #001 - SEQUOIASTYLE : Home of POE6
Pose - Project Puppet 15-3