Wheres my neko's at?

It feels like a lifetime since almost each avatar in Second Life would be wearing a tail and kitty ears. First the primmy wagging tails and then the longer it took the more bushy the tails became. Not much later you could click them for a dirty message in public chat. Good old times. I miss them, along with the pouncing hud and the digging of dumpsters for a free gift. That was fun! Now neko's seem to have vanished. Instead of their tail they grew a pair of mesh boobs or big hips. Thankfully there are still some kittens around and designers releasing new 'meshified' neko accessories. 

New doesn't always have to be better. I -still- wear the neko ears I bought in 2007 from >(O.o)< Fa's Shop (of doom!) . And I have yet to find better ones. When it comes to tails lemon tea is your place. Every furry probably knows Puppy's shop. She does not only sell great mods for your furry avatars but also made mesh paws and clothing with a lot of options for customization. 

The skin I'm wearing is 'Zoe' from [Hush] Skins. It is my favorite skin and as you maybe noticed I wear it in most my blogs. I love the freckles it has and the make up very light which gives you a chance to buy your own make-up layers. The hoodie and jacket are from *chronokit* and are liquid mesh. This means they only come in one size and they adjust to the size of your love handles. How cool is that? Also the jacket can be worn together with the hoodie or they can be worn seperate from eachother. This was my first time wearing liquid mesh and I quite liked it. I am however worried that I may not be as able to mix and match mesh clothing when standard sizing is gone. 
I would love to hear your thoughts on this!


Skin: [HUSH] Zoe - Bloom - Sugar
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Althea
Ears: >(O.o)< Kitty Ears (white)
Tail: {Lemon Tea} Short Hair Neko Tail
Jacket: *chronokit* Tailored Jacket Leather Black Women
Sweater: *chronokit* Hoodie01 white women for Tailored Jacket
Skirt: Happy Undead - Mini Skirt [vinyl black]
Legwarmers: [Aux] Leg Warmers - black
Paws: Puppy Paws