Hello, my loverlies! I'm finally starting to settle down from the hecticness that was this year's holiday season in RL...I work in retail, so my days were a mess of worksleepworksleepworksleep with barely any time to spend doing the things that I really enjoy...like blogging! So I am very sorry for being gone for so long...but I plan on more than making it up to you with all the goodies that I've been collecting!

I was originally planning on doing a hyper-long post filled to the brim with a whoooole lot of newness, but that went out the door when I saw this gorgeous dress that a designer I am friends with on Facebook released just yesterday.

 Her name is Gabriella Karillion, and she is the owner of Just Darling! I met this lovely lady earlier this year, through the wedding coordination business I work for, and have watched her progression with her clothing line...and I love it! I love everything...I love the name, I love the fact that she designs her clothing with and without appliers(so you ladies with boobies, never fear...you can find a beautiful gown with appliers at her store and on her Marketplace)...and I enjoy my conversations that I've had with her as a person. <3

This dress is called Trixie, and can be worn two separate ways!! I personally prefer the added flexi skirt to offset the mesh, but that's just me...I'm a snob when it comes to forma lwear, and for the most part I don't wear mesh gowns unless they come with flexi attachments...but Gabriella has done a great job with this one! Also, you can wear it with or without the shoulder ruffles, and it's still adorable. This dress includes a necklace, but I wanted to add a bit more flair, so I chose a Donna Flora jewelry set, and (really really really) big hair from Amacci!

Enjoy, ladies!! <3

What I'm Wearing!
Hair: * Amacci Hair Maria ~ Sangria(worn w/Hair Flowers ~ Petal - Maria B)
Jewelry: Donna Flora MIRANDA set+HUD(Pearl color worn)
Dress: ::Just Darling:: Trixie Gown Purple(unpacked)
Shoes: N-core SHAE "Fatpack 16 colors" (Mesh)

Pose: D.Luxx Poses - The Wedding Collection - Middleton 01