Naughty pet roaming the house

Some may already know I am a fan of pet play. I've build some rlv cages for puppies and other kind of pets. While I was taking new product pictures today I decided to be silly and experiment some more with windlight, shadows and all that. Sharing the results with you, I hope you like!

The latex I'm wearing is probably too old to be still available. It is not the best quality, but I still like the shape of the hotpants and the shirt. The pawsies at the feet I made myself from sculpts and the paws on my hands are mesh and sold at KDC. They are not most userfriendly, I'm still not sure I understand the owner system completely but they are still my favorite mesh paws. They are highly customizable and look very realistic. What is also nice about these mittens is that you can chain them together at the front and the back!

What's in my rear? Oh, well... something with a label. Find out for yourself at tapi.


Gag: RR Ballgag
Mittens: KDC Paw Mittens