Ok, we've established I wear a lot of suits, they're great, and the ladies love them!
 Well check this out! It's Ducknipple's Wade Coat with HUD. I feel like Sargent Pepper.
I'm in a suit, but I look like a rockstar!
And notice the HUD, it changes the jacket color.

I'm wearing it with the Garde pants with HUD, also from Ducknipple. 
Check out the detail in this close up! 

Speaking of Sargent Pepper, this week is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles landing in America!
Happy Beatleversary!

Skin- -NIVARO- Baptiste 
Jacket/shirt- Ducknipple Wade Coat w HUD
Pants- Ducknipple  Garde Pants w HUD
Shoes- Citrus Chucks Wild Things III
Location- Image Essentials

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