I am Meshified!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am complete. I have mesh feet, mesh hands, mesh hair, mesh boobs and now also a mesh azz! And I can hear you snort, because I am way late to join in on this big trend. But it took me some time to get convinced.. I am now, partly. And I'd love to tell you why.

First I should probably say I've been in Second Life for six years. I'm not the oldest avatar but I've come from looking like this to what I am today. Back in 2007 my skin was the best and costed 4000 Linden! Latex system skirts were the bomb!

Mesh hands, feet and... boobs 
Appliers to match your skin are a blessing! Since more and more stores are now offering these, I purchased the Slink feet and hands rather quick. I never had any regrets. With the Lola mesh boobs I was uncertain for a long time. I am not a fan of their upturned shape. And I am struggling to wear the breasts in a smaller size. I find it hard to fit them, without ending up frustrated at being able to see where the mesh starts... On top of that the clothing won't always line up with smaller boobs.

A big phat -wiggle wiggle- azz! 
The Phat azz has been around for a while. And honestly it has done nothing more for me then giving me giggle fits. Why? Most people I've seen it wearing look like ... zula hula trashy whores. Nuuu, that doesn't include you, ofcourse! But try and go to the azz show and look around you. You'll be surprised that some visitors don't tumble over on a regular base. And YET I did purchase it... I wanted to learn make appliers for it and add that as a service to my store. And guess when I bought it? Just a week before *Luck inc.* the cute azz! ...insert grumble here...

The cute azz has made me change my mind. It makes me want to wear lingerie all day. No matter what the occasion! I love the curves and how my ass doesn't crunch all weird when I'm sitting. It is also great for making pictures, it gives the entire image a soft layer. It is feminine. I just love it. 

No matter how much I love wearing lingerie all day; I don't want my mesh derrière to get a cold, so I went shopping. This brings me almost immediatly to one of the biggest downsides of wearing mesh attachments. Standard mesh clothing often won't fit anymore. I was lucky I could fit some of my mesh lingerie on my cute azz, but this certainly won't apply for my favorite mesh jeans or dresses that don't come with appliers. What happens is that you go back to the Second-Life-before-mesh-stage. Prims between the legs to make your clothing look like a skirt, sculpted sleeves. Non-realistic clothes glued flat on the mesh bodyparts. To be honest I think many creators dusted off their old designs and made an applier for it to sell them once again. And who can blame them? But the years that in mean time passed, show a difference. And I simply won't settle anymore for low quality clothing layers. Must be said there are exeptions to this, I named them in the credits! 

Conclusion? The cute azz is amazing, especially for pictures and lingerie wearing! We need mesh standard sizes that fit our mesh azzes and good quality appliers. Until then I won't hesitate to show off my linden lab goodies while wearing standard sized mesh clothing. 

Skin: Glam Affair - Cleo - Artic 
Hair: [LeLutka]-SERENA - Marilyn 
Outfit 1st picture: ~Sassy!~ Military dress - black 
Outfit 2nd picture: Blah. My Lovable Pois Lingerie


  1. If you don't like the upturned look of the Tangos, you should take a look at the Lola Mirages!! I had the same issue with the Tangos, and I am much happier with the rounder Mirages :) Great post, darlin!!! <3


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