I'm A Barbie Girl!

There is one thing that I love most about second life.
The ability to be a different person every day.
I tell everyone not that I love my avatar but that I love my Barbie.
I think I played with mine till I was 14 so this aspect of SL just makes me feel so good. I'ts comforting, makes me thinks of days where the only care in the world was what will I play with today?
So Yeah, enough of walking down memory lane with Ember.
Check out today's goods.
Oh yeah Happy Hump Day!
Ember ♥

Hair - (r)M Hair No.17'14 ( B l o n d e )
Skin - ::DS:: Mai,Ly,Irish,Mist.bare{@CSR}
Shape - {My own, could be for sale}
Top - SSW-Barbie Top{@CSR}
Jeans - Alyce - Mesh Tight Jeans - 150 Colors HUD.{@CSR}