That's a Fact Jack(et)!!!

So I was walking up the hill to fetch a pail of water, then I remembered, 
I have plumbing! 
what the hell. 
So it's the Jack OR Jill hunt and its happening thru the 28th of February. 
It's got a path for men's and women's clothes , so there's something for everyone.

This is the Citrus Hunt prize, The Men's Leather Dancer Jacket.
I paired it with Grey Jeans from Citrus too. 
I love the color and its Free! 
Head to the Hunt and get started!

Now back to my Scrabble Game 

Skin - -NIVARO- Baptiste Skin - 
Jacket - Citrus Mens Leather Dancer Jacket 
Pants- Citrus Mens Jeans Grey 
Shoes- Citrus Chucks Wild Things III
Location- Image Essentials