More Hair Fair Freebies!

So I decided to brave the lag today and head on over to the hair fair.
You know what? It wasn't really that bad!
 I had way worse lag over at another popular shopping event today than I did @ the fair. 

So I went in to browse and find myself at least one shiny new hair. 
And I did indeed find the perfect hair for me. 
But , well  I will show it off tomorrow.
Right now I wanted to show you 4 more FREEBIES I found while browsing.
Hope you find this helpful.

Happy Shopping!

Adoness                               Tameless
 Analog Dog ⇧                                      ⇧ARGRACE

.Hairs worn.

  1. Adoness - asteria-plumify  FREE @ THE HAIR FAIR
  2. Tameless Hair - Beatrice - Naturals FREE @ THE HAIR FAIR
  3. Analog Dog - pop scotch - FULL COLOR PACK FREE @ THE HAIR FAIR
  4. *ARGRACE* Cowboy Hat - Blue .1 of 3 colors. FREE @ THE HAIR FAIR

.Everything else.

Skin,shape - Mudskin - Enfant---Doll-6_W1
Eyes - Chus! Poppet Lenses FREE
Dress - !gO! Cameo - old rose. SOON @ THE SECRET AFFAIR.