Spreading My Wings And Learning To Fly.

Good morning friends! Well we did it! We survived Monday!
I think I spent 99% of my day writing some new pages for this blog.
I thought it would be fun to have Some tips and tricks for both designers and bloggers.
Feel free to check them out they are located in the pink bar above.
Again, a huge thank you to those who helped me out.

Now on to this post.
The hair is 1L . Yay for almost free hair. But this hair is @ the hair fair so you only have till the 27th to grab it. There's 3 colours in the box. Enjoy.

The shape is at the OKINAWA SUMMER FESTIVAL And to be honest I haven't figured out when that ends so go check it out. They also have a hunt, YAY more free stuff!

The cute little wings floating around my head? You can find these at the Manga fair. This is on till the 30th so hurry scurry!

And finally the reason I started this post. The skin is by Mudskin and can be found over at teh Dressing Room Fusion. This sales room is bi weekly so if you planned on checking it out GO NOW!

There's definately more to this post, Just hlighting the time sensetive items above. So check the photos and check the credits for Taxi's. All the LM's are good at time of me posting this.


 ↕  Unedited Photos. Click to enlarge.  


HairRosy mood (by,Calico Felisimo) - Soothe (chocolate) 1LGIFT @ THE HAIR FAIR
Wings - .Sweet Thing.(by, AyaShula Resident) Cloud Angel Minis @ THE MANGA FAIR
Skin[ MUDSKIN ] (by, Sopha Portal )Haru @ THE DRESSING ROOM FUSION
Freckles.::WoW Skins::.(by, Sawsan SecretSpy) More Freckless tatoo.
ShapeEnfant (by, Sopha Portal ) - Cocori Shape @  OKINAWA SUMMER FESTIVAL
Eyes Poetic Colors (by, Lano Ling) Opal Eyes - Grape Leaves.FREE GIFT
Dress 20.FIVE Mesh:(by, Beanster Potato) Lolla Skirt.
Pose Prop*MishMish* (by, Aime Takaaki)The Boy Mechanic.