The Secret Affair & Manga Fair

Today I am giving you a sneak peek of some items you can get at the Secret Affair.
 The SIM is so beautiful, you need to go even if you don't feel like shopping.
 ( Who are we kidding, SHOPPING!)

When I found this dress my eyes got really big . Like this~~~ > O.O
Totally reminding me of my collection of old dolls called Flower Faries by Hornby.
I loved these barbie like dolls. Played with them till I was into my teens. ( shh you)
Ok  so where was I, Yes the Dress. Had to have it! I love everything about it!
It's made by !gO! ... Go check out their MP, they rock.

So I got my dress , skipping happily around and saw this hair from Little Bones.

 Well. the brakes went on, tried the demo then plopped my butt down on the ground and sweet talked the pastel vendor to rezz for me.
 Finally I got my pretty,pretty hair. 
After that I ran around randomly hugging other bloggers. Yes. Hi, that was me doing that :)

LOL , so much fun * Ember does a twirl.*
 Don't forget to check out the photos, The back of the hair is wicked!.

Oh one more thing, SHOES!!!!
 REIGN has some, well they have lots and lots .
 Check them out too, wicked wicked shoes.
And they have this uber cute pair over at the Manga fair
*You have 15 days left in this event so don't forget!


Hair - little bones. Baptism - Pastels. @ THE SECRET AFFAIR Opens @ Noon SLT
Skin,shape,appliers - Mudskin - Enfant---Doll-6_W1.
Eyes - Chus! Poppet Lenses FREE
Dress - !gO! Cameo - old rose. @ THE SECRET AFFAIR Opens @ Noon SLT
Hands - Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual.
Feet - Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid.
Pose - Juxtapose - Hotsy Totsy 3.
Photo Location - Solandria.