Hurry hurry hurry!

*Takes a very deep breath*
I am so behind on this and I am so very sorry for that.
RL has been rough and I've not been able to sit and blog this week.
Tonight is the last night for the EB Awareness Event. 
Ember and Carson have done some very awesome posts on it.
I'm just blogging the items at the fundraiser today.
If you have any questions about other stuff in the posts, feel free to send me an im in world, or a notecard as SL eats my ims sometimes >.<
Savannah Porterfield

Info on EB is HERE
Ember's super informative post is HERE

 Dress: DMZ - Linda Dress Blush
Shoes: Tonic - Maui sandal (for SLink Mid feet) (50% of all sales go to the charity!)
Comes with super easy hud, 4 colors to pick from, 2 sole options, 2 metal options!

Shoes and Boots: [d.l.s.] :: EB :: Forest Walker Outfit :: 

All of these items can be found HERE
Go, shop, support this super awesome event.

xoxox - Savvy