New Monthly Hair Event Coming Soon!

I am so stinking excited about this Event.
I remember when I started this site thinking way back to when there was dedicated SIMS for hair called The Hairspray Sims.  I would spend probably to much time there just wandering around. I was thinking to myself.  I wish someone could gather up the hair designers and do something like this once more.  Well Seems the crew over @ Hairology one upped that thought and decided to create this wicked Hair only monthly event! 
All I can say to this is : "YAY"  *Faints due to over excitement*

Hairology begins it's first round on November 10th.  If you want all the details I may forget in my spazmic excitement please check out their website here - 
There you will find info, applications and all the good stuff! 

Hairology poster
More info for you. 
I will be making more updates and also  posts for this super exciting event as we close in on the 10th. ( I will also provide you with the LM )
So Stay tuned 
As I share my love of all things Hair.
♥ Ember Adored ♥