Let's Buy ALL The Things!

Hey lovely peoples.
Today I will refrain from boring you with my personal Second Life.
Instead I need to mention two a few things in particular. 
  1. This Top. I got it from Apple May Designs years ago. It is mesh but it is not made specifically for any mesh bodies. Guess what though ?  IT FITS MY MAITREYA! I am totally pumped about this as it is one of my most favorite tops ever.
  2. My Nail Polish. -{ZOZ}- has just released... OMEGA APPLIERS for her stunning polishes! You can find these over @ Cosmopolitan. So not only can you buy them specifically for Maitreya, Slink @ ZOZ's Mesh Nails you can also wear them on any other hand that is omega compatible! How wicked is this??? Yay, Thank you ZOZ!  Don't know what Omega is?  Why would you need it? Check out some FAQ's over on Daria's  all mesh website (Book mark, follow. This girl is in the know, ya know!) http://meshbodyaddicts.com/mesh-body-tutorials/troubleshooting-faqs-for-mesh-bodies/
  3. This Hair. I found it over @ The Seasons Story  and is made by Barberyumyum. Now as I've seen the ads all over I NEEDED IT.  So I bit the bullet and spent the L's.  No regrets. LOVE IT!
  4. These Shorts. I also saw an ad on Facebook for these.  It states all over the vendor to DEMO. So, I did. And guess what. They fit my Maitreya! Good job Paper Arrow.  You can also find them over  @ The Seasons Story.
 And you know folks,
 You really should DEMO EVERYTHING before you buy. 
This has been a public service announcement. 
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