You Need These Things Because I Said So !

Hi everyone.
Still playing with my photos. Yay for new toys right?

  • I figured  would give you a little preview for the upcoming round of  Hairology that starts January 10th. This style is by EMO-tions , I am not usually one for a lot of braiding but I couldn't resist this one. I adore her reds. They are just so perfect! 
  • The outfit is not new but since I have been like living in this, ( Savvy had the balls to fabreese me the other day) I decided it was worthy of being blogged more than once. Of course the Jacket and jeans are both by Blueberry and come in multiple fits. I just adore them, the texturing just excites me so much. 
  • Speaking of exciting, it's not often I am overwhelmed by a need to buy footwear, but you can only see the top of them in this post and no so clearly but omfg these Mishi Boots by Reign. AMAZING! They are made in collaboration with Blueberry and will fit a wide range of av's plus a special set to fit with these jeans! My life is complete now I think.
 You need these things, Yes,Ember said so!
That is all for now.
♥ Ember ♥

Under the wire  




  • Jacket Blueberry | Asia - Leather Jacket - Maitreya | By blueberryxx.
  • Jeans - Blueberry | Tink / Thigh High Sizes - Maitreya | By blueberryxx.

.Lighting & Poses.

  • Pose *PosESioN* |  Deadly | By dahriel.
  • Lighting LUMIPro | By Stefan Buscaylet.