Lost in the moment

Evening Dolls!
I am delighted to show off some of  Zibska's stunning work.
You can collect these cubes as a free gift at the Dathuil Gallery of art
 When you head over there, wander around and take the time to have a look at her images.
They really are amazing.

Also worn in this photo is this headpiece by Wicca's Wardrobe that you can find over @ The  J & A Expo
And what better to top it all off with than one of .:EMO-tions:. beautiful red hairs.

 Oh hell, one more thing. If you love poses, head over to *PosESioN* 
I got these Zodiac sets,10 sets of around 10 poses each for 500L

Right, Peace and love people.
Happy Weekend.
Ember ♥
Falling to pieces

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