Just Don't

Hey Dolls!
Random thoughts on getting too close.

Ever freak out when people get into your personal space?
 Say you're in a line up somewhere waiting to pay.
You can feel a stranger breathing on your neck or bumping you. What do you do ? How does that make you feel?

 I know for me personally I can feel the anxiety build so high I feel like my head may just explode.  I have actually turned around and told some woman.   " Hi there, You're standing way to close and it's freaking me out, I think you Reallly need to back up OK?"  My friend was mortified and I feel like I won some sort of power struggle that day.  Funny how that works.

Same thing happens to me in Second Life although not nearly as bad or as often.
I remember one man I knew he would stand so close that he was on top of me, his AO making him walk through me.  Very possessive and unsettling.
 Ever since then, is a male avatar get up in my space and stays there intentionally, I lose my marbles on the poor guy.

Oh one other example
Relationships in SL. For me I love to flirt.
LOVE it. I need to flirt like i need fresh air.  Anyway, If the guy tries to step over that imaginary line, crosses that flirt threshold, BOOM - Ember's gone.

Just some random thoughts brought up by this Hat hair from Beusy I'm sporting in the pick.
 Funny how one thing can trigger old memories and new thoughts.

Don't Get Too Close

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  • Hair - Beusy | Club Queen Mesh Hair & Hat | By Becca (colorless) |  @ Hairology
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