Hairology Discount Round & FREE Hairs!


This is what you need to collect in order to get the free hair.


Hairology has begun a new round & this time with a twist.
This round the designers have placed out their favorite hairs at discounted prices. You can find hairs anywhere from 25, 50 or 75 % Off the regular price from now until June 30th.  Also , a lot of the designers have placed out a special gift for us in their booths. This is to celebrate Second Life’s 13th Birthday!! YAY!  Today I am showing off the ones that I could find for you, there may be more since I was there pre opening so head on over and check it out!

 P.s. Sorry for the collage but I figured 12 photos on here would be a bit much for one post.

Hairolgy Free gifts

~ Hairs left to right ~
  1. .:EMO-tions:. | MABEL | By Mirja Mills.
  2. MINA Hair | Pearl | By MINA (mina.nakamura).
  3. [elikatira] |  Lena | By Elika Tiramisu (elikapeka.tiramisu).
  4. /Wasabi Pills/  | Lee | By MissAllSunday Lemon.
  5. pr!tty | Jeanie | By  karla (karla.marama).
  6. [ Rᴜɴᴀᴡᴀʏ] | Waterfall | By Kιм K. (candela.kira).
  7. ICONIC | Gia | By Ms. Neveah Niu (neveah.niu).
  8. :::Phoenix::: | Fabienne | By ℒιℓℓყ Pнσєηιχ (lilly.herberg).
  9. Vanity Hair | Nina | By Tabata Jewell.
  10. Beusy | Limes | By Becca (colorless).
  11. [elikatira] |  Libby | By Elika Tiramisu (elikapeka.tiramisu).
  12. NO.MATCH |  NO_LUCK B | By no.match (viking).
All these free hairs are here –

~ Also Worn ~


  1. There are no free hairs there.

    1. Actually Melanie there are. Look for the cake in some of the stalls. Let things rez. Every hair my avatar has on in these photos are free from there, i collected them from there myself.


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