Hey Dolls. 

I was going to do one big post one all the yummy lingerie over at the Mesh Body Addicts Bi - Monthly event. 

 I decided instead to tease you with daily shots until you cave and head over. *insert evil laugh*
 So yes. go forth and shop. It really is an interesting event to shop at.
Also check out Daria's blog, Mesh Body Addicts -  book mark it too as it is super handy for all things mesh in SL. 

****Please Note ****

Some of these items are located at Events right now.   

If you see a second Hyperlinked name in the credit line.
  ( BOLD LETTERING Different colour) like this.. 
  • Thingy - | Store Name | Name of Thingy | Designer's Name | NAME OF EVENT 

Take The Second TP!!!! ( Hyperlink)

 ~ Style Card ~