Sailor Who?

 Morning Dolls!

I feel like a doll today with this head I picked up by [Black Bantam] @  The Crystal Hearts Festival.

I am not sure I will ever get a chance to wear it outside of photos so but darn I feel so cute!
I got it in a gacha along with this outfit by SallieLanguage.  Both of them I got on my first pull and were exactly the ones I wanted, YAY!
I had to dig in  my inventory to find an editable hair and this old favorite by Truth fit the bill perfectly. I am not sure if it is available but if it is I betcha you can find it in the 50L section of his store.
I finished the outfit with these gorgeous shoes/socks from Unfortunately I had to leave that blogging group as I was leaning towards more upper body shots and not doing the best I could but for me, her shoes are some of my all time favorites! You really need to check her out!
 ( P.s. She should really try making hair again, she made the bestest styles!)

Cute pose right?
It's made by Infiniti and available @ The Project Se7en a very pretty event, check it out! Limo's are all in the credits below!


sailor who?

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Some of these items are located at Events right now.   
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