FLF & FREE Hair!

( Copied over from Hair SL )
In the spotlight today is barberyumyum.

I checked out Seraphim website this morning to see the gallery for today’s Fifty Linden Friday deals and saw this pretty ponytail on offer for 50L per color pack.
Had. to. have. it.  So I grabbed it and then decided  ” Humm, I love bangs, wish it had bangs.”.  Well my wish was granted when I looked up above the hair and saw a good selection of separate bangs for sale & 130L a piece.  I grabbed up my favorite set and tried it with my new ponytail and what do you know;  Perfection!

Also while I was standing there I noticed a Group Gift.  This cute little bob comes in three colors and has a couple of bobby pins holding the right side back.Such cuteness!  I checked the group joiner beside that sign and found the group is FREE to join!

So tell your friends, maybe help a New Resident. Cute & Free!  Can’t go wrong here
Ember Adored.