How to quickly do up blogging credits.

Hey Blogger Friends!

* I totally didn't mean for this post to be so long or become a Tip post but I felt like sharing so scroll to the bottom for photos & Credits *

Today I want to show you something that will make blogging ( For those of you using Firestorm)  a little bit easier.

 For those of you who credit everything and provide SLurls, This is for you.
* This step is obsolete now if you use the firestorm viewer. Just look in your inventory, right click the CURRENT OUTFIT folder and copy to clipboard. Scroll down for the rest :) *
  • When I am done my photos, the first thing I do now is copy to my Post draft the post I am using.  
  • Once that Is done I right click my Avatar's name tag and get into the *Edit Outfit* section Via, Appearance - Edit Outfit. 
  • Once the window pops  up you will need to hit the arrow beside Edit Outfit. 
  • This brings you to another window with two choices, Outfits or Wearing. 
  • Choose the Wearing Tab.  
  • Now see the little cog wheel in the bottom left? Click that! 
  • Choose Copy Outfit List to Clipboard! 

It seems like a lot to do but really it's fast. 
Then boom boom boom you have this -

 Maitreya Tip-Toe FeetShape
Maitreya Mesh Body - Alpha
#Firestorm LSL Bridge v2.20
-{ZOZ}- Mesh Nails 3.0 Long 10 (slink elegant 1) L
-{ZOZ}- Mesh Nails 3.0 Long 10 (slink elegant 1) R
AX-019 Baby Duck AO (Oracul Animation HUD)
CATWA HUD Bibi Animations V4.10
Entice - Candy Store Bra - FATPACK - Maitreya
Entice - Candy Store Panties - FATPACK - Maitreya
Maitreya Mesh Body - Feet V3.5
Maitreya Mesh Body - HUD V3.5 Lara
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
MINA Hair - Farah (materials)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5.1 - L - Elegant1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.5.1 - R - Elegant1
[NANI] Albino.Lense (Pink)_L
[NANI] Albino.Lense (Pink)_R
Slink Visage - S
.Birdy. Ali VIP Skin - Pure - (Black)
-Glam Affair - Artemis - Suggest Brows shape 5
AVELINE Eyes - Doll-L - Hazel - Iris (M)


Now I go through and remove all that is not shown in the photo like this -


Entice - Candy Store Bra - FATPACK - Maitreya 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5
MINA Hair - Farah (materials)

Then I have my usual sequence of items to list -
 IE : Hair - Mesh Head -  

  • I am still in my look at this point so I grab the names of the appliers I have used for my skin or nails  and add them to the credits. 
  • The next thing I do is I have a notepad on my PC. I keep one with most used stores , items & SLurls.
It looks like this - 

Then I pretty much fill on the blanks and then I'm off to edit my photos, simple!

Well Simple for me, if you are trying this and have difficulty, give me a shout.
I love to help !


6's & 7's

  • Hair - MINA Hair |Farah | By Mina Nakamura  | @ FaMESHed Nov1st - 27th. This hair is so cool, it can change to a windy look or non via the hud!!
  • Mesh Head - Catwa | Bibi | By Catwa Clip.
  • Skin/ Eye Applier - Glam Affair | Milu for Catwa Bibi , Polar 03 | By Aida Ewing | @ The Gacha Garden Nov 1st - 30th.
  • Mesh Body - Maitreya | Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Tattoo's & #'s - Zibska | Arithmophobia | By Zib (zib.scaggs).
  • Bra - Entice | Candy Store | By Entice (enticestore).
  • Pose - Persefona | Body Floating Leaves | By Persefona.