Morning  darlings!
I have been a busy bee, doing what?  Shopping of course! 
Also found a new SIM with some nice peope to chat away to on voice so I kinda  planted my butt over there a while and soaked in the noise.  Did I mention I spend way to much time alone on my platform? 

Right on to this stuff.

  • Hairology - Go here for all things Hair!  This round started Jan 10th and runs until the 30th. There are SOOO many lovely styles. *Sorrynotsoryforyourwallets*
  • The Mesh Body Addicts Bi Monthly Event  - This is a brilliant event for all your meshy needs Stemming from our Go to blog for all the newest Fit MEsh , MEsh Body Bits and more. Mesh Body Addicts By Lildaria.
  • The Seasons Story - My buddy Quiet yanked me into this event the other day. I might have said, "Hello" and "Thanks" but then I was off and running, buying too much stuff. This round really impressed me so don't forget to check it out!

That's it from me today. Happy Shopping!



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