Powder Pack Is Here!

Hey Dolls.

So I logged in this morning and what do I find ? 

My Powder Pack Arrived! You know, even though I posted about it yesterday, I completely friggen forgot the Date so double Yay, I got a surprise LMAO.

I just have to say right off the bat how impressed I am with every single thing in this box. That's saying a lot for me as I just stopped buying other boxes in SL due to much disappointment.
This one though, Love everything. Humm, did I say that already? ah well.

Some of the items were skin appliers. The designers also included body appliers so there was no need to purchase that separate if not you usual brand. Thank you Designers. It's a huge deal for me & most likely every other lady who purchased a Powder Pack.

Great Job to Everyone involved on the Powder Pack Project! You hit this first release out the park!
Missed Pre - Ordering? You can still purchase it HERE Also View what's in the box HERE.

🠝 The HUD / Box Just add & click away.🠝

Powder Pack day, YAY!