Ember Adored taps the glass of her monitor then calls out. "Hello, hello. Is anyone there?"
She looks around seeing nothing but tumbleweeds rolling across her platform & dust bunnies  falling out of her inventory window. "Well, I sure haven't been, that's for sure."

Let me catch you up on what's been happening.

My darling child managed to get a virus or something on my PC. I did a reset on it and then as we are doing renovations to the new house, my puter got tossed into the spare room not to be seen again for a month.
When I finally did take it out and re add my stuff I was unable to log into Flickr. They won't help as I can't remember the recovery email I used. So no more Photos over on my Flickr here https://www.flickr.com/photos/emberrandt  :((

I was surprising OK with not being here. as I had a lot less stress.

Currently I am organizing & cleaning out my inventory & Once that's done I figure I might make myself a brand new Flickr Account ( Take that Flickr police!). Start fresh & Blog my Fav items from said inventory.
That plus stuff I buy myself & Hunt info :)

No more deadlines.
No more stress.
I miss talking into the wind from this platform.
♥ You all.
Ember Adored.