Hi, I'm Carson. 
I'm so excited to be helping out on the Paper Dolls Blog. Ember took her annual trek into the woods, I imagine its like an episode of "Naked and Afraid", so she'll have no use for these awesome hoorenbeek mesh double breasted suits!

I love them, they have color changing huds on the shirt, tie, and even the pocket square! It's like having a shitload of looks with just one suit! They're perfect for any occasion, I like wearing them to the beach!

Each one has 3 sizes , so its sure to fit, and it comes in 5 colors, These are my faves the blue, and gray. I'm wearing them with these awesome shoes from Kauna. all the links are below.... Happy Shopping. Don't forget the bug spray,
I recommend DEET

More to come.......

 hoorenbeek , Kauna


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