Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Spreading My Wings And Learning To Fly.

Good morning friends! Well we did it! We survived Monday!
I think I spent 99% of my day writing some new pages for this blog.
I thought it would be fun to have Some tips and tricks for both designers and bloggers.
Feel free to check them out they are located in the pink bar above.
Again, a huge thank you to those who helped me out.

Now on to this post.
The hair is 1L . Yay for almost free hair. But this hair is @ the hair fair so you only have till the 27th to grab it. There's 3 colours in the box. Enjoy.

The shape is at the OKINAWA SUMMER FESTIVAL And to be honest I haven't figured out when that ends so go check it out. They also have a hunt, YAY more free stuff!

The cute little wings floating around my head? You can find these at the Manga fair. This is on till the 30th so hurry scurry!

And finally the reason I started this post. The skin is by Mudskin and can be found over at teh Dressing Room Fusion. This sales room is bi weekly so if you planned on checking it out GO NOW!

There's definately more to this post, Just hlighting the time sensetive items above. So check the photos and check the credits for Taxi's. All the LM's are good at time of me posting this.


 ↕  Unedited Photos. Click to enlarge.  


HairRosy mood (by,Calico Felisimo) - Soothe (chocolate) 1LGIFT @ THE HAIR FAIR
Wings - .Sweet Thing.(by, AyaShula Resident) Cloud Angel Minis @ THE MANGA FAIR
Skin[ MUDSKIN ] (by, Sopha Portal )Haru @ THE DRESSING ROOM FUSION
Freckles.::WoW Skins::.(by, Sawsan SecretSpy) More Freckless tatoo.
ShapeEnfant (by, Sopha Portal ) - Cocori Shape @  OKINAWA SUMMER FESTIVAL
Eyes Poetic Colors (by, Lano Ling) Opal Eyes - Grape Leaves.FREE GIFT
Dress 20.FIVE Mesh:(by, Beanster Potato) Lolla Skirt.
Pose Prop*MishMish* (by, Aime Takaaki)The Boy Mechanic.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Wow 1L Hair!

Good morning friends! Happy Monday! I Have quite a few photos for you today. 

Also I have started putting the raw shots at the bottom of my posts so you have a solid idea of what the items will look like.

*Notes on the items.
The hair is 1L @ the HAIR FAIR from EXILE. This ends on the 27th so hurry over. Proceeds go to Wigs for kids. Direct slurl is embedded below. It will take you to the landing point and your viewer should show you a red arrow. Follow that to the goods. and man it's good hair!

The dress is @ MONTH OF GAMES. This event runs until the 31st It is a pretty fantastic event so hurry and check it out before it's over.

The Shoes are a free hunt gift @ THE GALLERY GIFT SHOP ANNIVERSARY HUNT.   < ~~ Webpage link!
  It is in two parts and I honestly have not had near enough coffee to try to figure it out so just go now , That's right, FREE Slink high shoes..RUN!

Finally, last but not least The Lana skin & shape in the last photo.
It is over @ PROJECT LIMITED 2. There are only 50 fatpacks on sale here so maybe you wanna run here first? Yeah, you do. this look is totally HOT!

OK, whew I think that's it for notes. Spank me later if I'm wrong.

Much love, happy shopping.

↕  Unedited Photos. Click to enlarge.  

↕  Unedited Photos. Click to enlarge.  


Photo 1&2.
Hair - Exile::After the Rain: Sparkle- Blonde 1L THE HAIR FAIR 2014 (by,Kavar Cleanslate)
Skin - .::WoW Skins::. Renata tan (by, sawsan SecretSpy)
Shape - .::WoW Skins::. Melodia Shape(by, sawsan SecretSpy)
Eyes - Poetic Colors - Opal Eyes - Grape Leaves FREE (by, Lano Ling)
Dress,ears - MOoH! - White maid dress @ MONTH OF GAMES (by,Dalriada Delwood)
Hands - Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual (by,Siddean Munro)
Feet - Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High(by,Siddean Munro)
Polish - -{ZOZ}- Romantic Sparks Polish (slink)(by, Zozicon)
Shoes -.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. {Papilio~ lilac} L pumps slink H FREE FOR The Gallery Gift Shop anniversary hunt.(by,Kreao Kujisawa)
Bracelet - Moondance Boutique - Gothici Crux Bracelets (by,Kathrin Dassin)
Pose prop -

Photo 3.
Hair - Exile::After the Rain: Sparkle- Black 1L @ THE HAIR FAIR 2014 (by,Kavar Cleanslate)
Skin,shape - .::WoW Skins::. Lana Tan @ PROJECT LIMITED 2 (by, sawsan SecretSpy)
Eyes - Poetic Colors - Opal Eyes - Grape Leaves FREE  (by, Lano Ling)
Hands - Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual (by,Siddean Munro)
Polish - -{ZOZ}- Romantic Sparks Polish (slink)(by, Zozicon)
Bracelet - Moondance Boutique - Gothici Crux Bracelet (by,Kathrin Dassin)
Pose Prop - W. Winx & Flair - Play A Round (by,Whimsy Winx and Sasy Scarborough)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

I've got my eye on you...

I'm continuing my mask obsession today.
Chimeric at The Co-Op has a few masks out for the latest round.
The theme is Nexus so these are more robotic/cyberish masks.
The Secret Affair is going strong.
I also spent far too much on gachas there and had this gorgeous corset and skirt to show for it.
It's from Junbug :D
I always spend too much on her gachas.. just so much I want from them!
Then of course the heels.. Get used to them.  I freaking love these shoes from Moda at Project Limited.

Hair: .ploom. Carrie - Ploomage (by Helyanwe Vindaloo) @ Hair Fair
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Celestial ] - [ Natural Milk] (by Hlin Bluebird)
Eyes:  Chus! Cursed Lens in Princess ( by Pixel Tyran)
Shape: *custom made*
Earrings: Luminary Nexus Earrings Silver (by Augurer) @ The Co-Op
Necklace and Bracelet: [LNS Designs] CRUX SET (Red) (by Caresia Adored) @ The Co-Op
Corset: *{Junbug}* Rosamarie Corset [Crimson] S RARE (by Juno Mantel) @ The Secret Affair
Skirt: *{Junbug}* Rosamarie Skirt [Crimson] S (by Juno Mantel) @ The Secret Affair
Nails: -{ZOZ}- Tulip 2 Polish (slink) (by Zozicon) Was at the CSR but it ended yesterday
Yes I'm a bad blogger and I deserve spanked, BUT they should be in her store soon!
Shoes: [MODA] SAUCY PLATFORM HEELS & HUD RED (by Eonla) @ Project Limited
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant (by Siddean Munro)
Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High (by Siddean Munro)
Pose in 1st picture: Image Essentials - IE - Body Shot 1 (by Kay Weston)
Pose in 2nd picture: . Infiniti . - Handy 9 (by Brandi Monroe)
Pose prop in 3rd picture: Something New: SN~ Blog My Feet  (by AllysonDwyer)
Beaded Curtains - Kitty Moon - KM Curtains Twinkle w/Bar no script, (by Vanyi) @ The Co-Op

Xoxoxox - Savvy

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Summer Love.

I know, I know. I love everything I show you.
But that's the beauty of SL for me. There's always going to be the next big thing.
I've said this before as well. The creativity of designers blow me away.

*Special note on this one.  The skin and shape are at an event called The Okinawa Summer Festival. I am not too sure how long this in on for but you can check out the website HERE.

Also, I would like to thank everyone who helped me with feedback for the project I am working on. It's still a work in progress but you can view what I've got so far HERE
That's all for now.

  Unedited Photos. Click to enlarge.  


Hair - CATWA ,(by Catwa Clip.) -  FLEXI Katy .
Skin,Shape - Enfant,(by Sopha Portal) -Cocori's Summer_Weee @ OKINAWA SUMMER FESTIVAL
Eyes - Poetic Colors (by, Lano Ling) Opal Eyes - Grape Leaves
Top - Hudson's,(by Candace Hudson) - Embroidered Linen Sleeveless Crop Top.
Skirt - Hudson's,(by Candace Hudson) - Buttoned Boho Gypsy Skirt. 
Swing - {what next} (by, Winter Thorn) - Tree Swing Pose Prop.
Location - Home :)

Hey there Cthulu...

Little known fact about me.
I love masks.
I have a lot of them in my inventory that I rarely wear because I am never in a situation that calls for them.
So usually if I see a mask that I like, I'll buy it, whether I ever wear it again or not.
So when I got to get a super sneak preview of the upcoming Resurrection Gacha Event, I had to show off this freaking awesome mask.
Really it was the inspiration for my entire post.
When trying to put together a matching look, I noticed this awesome dress from Junbug matched it perfectly.
Quick note, this dress isn't available in Junbug's store.  I had grabbed it from a gacha fair :(
But she is usually really good about putting her gachas in her store after a couple months so keep an eye out!
Back to the mask.  I wanted to find an apocalyptic sim or maybe a victorian one..
But I remembered Innsmouth with their awesome Cthulu.
So I slapped on my katana and headed over to slay some beasties!
I just didn't realize QUITE how bit he was!
Probably should have wore sneakers instead of these super sexy shoes from Moda too..
Oh well!

Hair: [LNS] CINDA - FANTASY PACK @ The Hair Fair
Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Celestial ] - [ Natural Milk]
Shape: *Custom made*
Mask: Kita's Sideshow - {KS} Seeing Death Mask - Purple @ Resurrection *Opening the 22nd!*
Katana: ::Tabou Irresistible:: - ::TI:: Mesh Katana - Black @ The Manga Fair
Dress: *{Junbug}* The Valkyrie in Purple RARE  (Not available atm)
(Black is sold out!)
Nails: Frogstar Carissimi Glitter Fingernail and Toenail polish @ Genre
Pose in 1st picture: Verocity - Kiyomi 6 @ The Manga Fair
Pose in 2nd picture: Verocity - Kiyomi 2 @ The Manga Fair
Poses in 4th and 5th pictures respectively: . Infiniti . - Leggy 1 & . Infiniti . - Leggy 6
Sim: Innsmouth

Xoxox- Savvy

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Chillin Like.

Hi everyone ♥
For any of you looking around for freebies & cheepies , I have another one for you!!
Panda Punx have this super cute skin and shape as a hunt prize right now.
It is only 1L!  It's part of the Passion 4 red hunt. and can be found somewhere in the Panda Punx main store.

I am also wearing two lovely hairs that Savvy has already shown you.
( I know , I know, but HAIR!) Both of these lovely do's can be found @ The Hair Fair till the 27th.

*One more note on this post.
The bikini Pictured in the second photo is available @ Naughty Nitch and that ends on the 21st. So giddy up if you wanna check that one out!

♥ Ember ♥


Photo 1

Hair - (red)Mint Hair No.23'14 - Light Ash Brown @ THE HAIR FAIR
Skin,shape,appliers - .:Panda Punx:. - Scarlette - Passion 4 Red Hunt Gift
Eyes - Poetic Colors - Opal Eyes - Grape Leaves FREE
Top - !The LittleBat - Kawaii Tank @ THE MANGA FAIR
Jeans - Entice - Blown Away Jeans.
Hands - Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual 
Feet - Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
Pose - **Poseway** Lizz_01 @ THE MANGA FAIR

Photo 2

Hair - .ploom. Honey - Ploomage @ THE HAIR FAIR
Sunglasses*CNZ* B- Color Sunglasses .
Skin,shape,appliers - .:Panda Punx:.-  Neri Cream. @ LUBBLY JUBBLIES
Eyes - Poetic Colors - Opal Eyes - Grape Leaves FREE
Bikini - MOoH!  - Rainbow bikini @ THE NAUGHTY NITCH
Hands - Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual
Feet - Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid
Pose - **Poseway** Lizz_01 @ THE MANGA FAIR
Dock - The Domineaux Effect - Cottage Dock ~ Weathered.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wild Child.

Hello friends!
I am so excited to show you my look of the day- week -month - year. LOL

So, I was finally able to get back to Collabor88 and get the items I was after.
This dress is by Zenith and oh so lovely & feminine. If you haven't picked it up yet I suggest you ruin over and check it out. I remember this store from years back and even then their designs and quality of texturing was a a step above everything else around.

Also as those who read my rambles know, I went back to the Hair Fair and got the one hair that made me go "Awwwwww"  It's by a new to me store called Cheveux. the flex , braids and sun hat go perfectly with my new skin and dress. 
* This is a store to watch for future hair treasures for sure
For More info on The Hair Fair, click HERE! And remember, every store donates a minimum 15% to Wigs for kids!

Oh speaking of my skin and shape..* Ember wiggles in excitement*
It's from Enfant, an offshoot of Mudskin. Isn't it adorable?
You can find it when you walk into the store.
 It comes with a shape and was only 250L!!!!
 Can you believe it? I couldn't either.

I seriously can't stop staring at myself as I sit here. I keep tabbing back to SL and smiling.
Oh, I took the first photo at The Noble SIM. If you love to find new places to explore and photograph, this is a must!

OK, I'm gushing. * Heck, I can't help it* 
Go forth and shop my friends... I'll be here dancing in the grass :)

Zenith Dress⇧                                                  
                                     ⇩Enfant Skin


Hair.:cheveux:. - HairAshscale F054 @ THE HAIR FAIR 2014
Skin,shapeEnfant---Skin of Sunday6_W2 / Anna Shape.
EyesPoetic Colors - Opal Eyes - Grape Leaves. FREE
Dress - =Zenith= Bohemian Summer (Milk) @ COLLABOR88
Poses**Poseway** - Lizz Set @ THE MANGA FAIR
Location photo 1 - Isle of Noble, De Vesting.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Secret Affair & Manga Fair

Today I am giving you a sneak peek of some items you can get at the Secret Affair.
 The SIM is so beautiful, you need to go even if you don't feel like shopping.
 ( Who are we kidding, SHOPPING!)

When I found this dress my eyes got really big . Like this~~~ > O.O
Totally reminding me of my collection of old dolls called Flower Faries by Hornby.
I loved these barbie like dolls. Played with them till I was into my teens. ( shh you)
Ok  so where was I, Yes the Dress. Had to have it! I love everything about it!
It's made by !gO! ... Go check out their MP, they rock.

So I got my dress , skipping happily around and saw this hair from Little Bones.

 Well. the brakes went on, tried the demo then plopped my butt down on the ground and sweet talked the pastel vendor to rezz for me.
 Finally I got my pretty,pretty hair. 
After that I ran around randomly hugging other bloggers. Yes. Hi, that was me doing that :)

LOL , so much fun * Ember does a twirl.*
 Don't forget to check out the photos, The back of the hair is wicked!.

Oh one more thing, SHOES!!!!
 REIGN has some, well they have lots and lots .
 Check them out too, wicked wicked shoes.
And they have this uber cute pair over at the Manga fair
*You have 15 days left in this event so don't forget!


Hair - little bones. Baptism - Pastels. @ THE SECRET AFFAIR Opens @ Noon SLT
Skin,shape,appliers - Mudskin - Enfant---Doll-6_W1.
Eyes - Chus! Poppet Lenses FREE
Dress - !gO! Cameo - old rose. @ THE SECRET AFFAIR Opens @ Noon SLT
Hands - Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual.
Feet - Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid.
Pose - Juxtapose - Hotsy Totsy 3.
Photo Location - Solandria.

Hair fair stuffs!

So as Ember has mentioned, once, or twice.. maybe half a dozen times :P
Hair Fair 2014 is live and active!
This amazing event lasts right about 2 weeks (July 12th-27th)
And this event supports Wigs for Kids.
(Info on the event is HERE)
There are 4 sims of hair goodness to be explored.
(Though I'd HEAVILY recommend joining the demo group and getting a list of what you want together!)
What I'm showing off today is just a smidgen of what is available.
A lot of the hairs I picked wilder colors to show off the detail in them.
Plus I've been in a very colorful mood lately.

From left to right:
Hf-(r)M No.23'14_001, Hf-(r)M No.24'14_001, Hf-(r)M No.25'14_001
((red) Mint has a freebie in their booth!)

(red)Mint on the Platinum Sim

From top left to bottom right:
Ally, Nephrenia, Cinda, Victoria
([LNS] has a freebie in their booth!)

[LNS] Designs on the Noirette Sim

From left to right: 
Dormer, Lana, Mathilda

Koy on the Blonde Sim

From top left to bottom right:
Carrie, Pickle, Honey, Plasma

.Ploom. on the Brunette Sim

And make sure you scroll back and check out Em's coverage of the hair fair... so many freebies and cheapies!

xoxox- Savvy

Monday, 14 July 2014

More Hair Fair Freebies!

So I decided to brave the lag today and head on over to the hair fair.
You know what? It wasn't really that bad!
 I had way worse lag over at another popular shopping event today than I did @ the fair. 

So I went in to browse and find myself at least one shiny new hair. 
And I did indeed find the perfect hair for me. 
But , well  I will show it off tomorrow.
Right now I wanted to show you 4 more FREEBIES I found while browsing.
Hope you find this helpful.

Happy Shopping!

Adoness                               Tameless
 Analog Dog ⇧                                      ⇧ARGRACE

.Hairs worn.

  1. Adoness - asteria-plumify  FREE @ THE HAIR FAIR
  2. Tameless Hair - Beatrice - Naturals FREE @ THE HAIR FAIR
  3. Analog Dog - pop scotch - FULL COLOR PACK FREE @ THE HAIR FAIR
  4. *ARGRACE* Cowboy Hat - Blue .1 of 3 colors. FREE @ THE HAIR FAIR

.Everything else.

Skin,shape - Mudskin - Enfant---Doll-6_W1
Eyes - Chus! Poppet Lenses FREE
Dress - !gO! Cameo - old rose. SOON @ THE SECRET AFFAIR.