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Anna's Many Murders by Bryn Oh

Words cannot express what I felt when visiting this SIM. I was AWESTRUCK.

 Go here , explore Bryn Oh.. No need to say more Just go. Anna's murders

We did it

As Ember's summer begins to clutter with the many demands of family and work increasingly I'll be the one who places posts here--consider yourself suitably warned. During the last several weeks we've been up to suitable amounts of prim slinging, exploring, and last but not certainly not among the least of these--we partnered. I'll leave the details to the munchkin (Ember that was a rather unsubtle hint to add a comment to this post waxing erudite regarding shareable details) however leave it to say that we do nothing according to the normal dictates expected of one with SL. What it did cause though was for me to consider WHY we partner within this reality. In my 4 years I've seen people partner: * For convenience or casual friendship * Because of business reasons * I've even known people to partner themselves * And yes--for something deeper IF it was only Em's personality and how my mood lightens when we see each other every morning--that alone would qualify us as …