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Tis The Season

Today I will be talking about, lingerie!
A friend ( Aradia Mistwood,  Check out her blog here - )  passed me this beautiful Gacha set that she picked up @ Carrie's in the VIP section.  It has standard SL system layers and an Omega applier!
I wandered over to find out more about Carries and the VIP section. Here is a notecard of info I was sent.
"~CARRIES LINGERIE VIP GROUP~ You may be asking why should I join Carrie's Lingerie VIP?  Why should I spend the 500 Linden for the one time joining fee?  Well, allow me to tell you just why. 

During Holiday Season....
~ New collection Outfits - 50% off the day they are released! ~ Special shopping area just for our VIP's (wear group tag) ~ Santa giving away a gift daily for all you nice (but naughty) ladies (or gents if you like womens lingerie.)  ~ Special pricing on gatcha's 
After Holiday Season....
~VIP group access only teleport located at the back of the store.  Make sure to…

Party Time, Excellent.

Good morning Dolls!
Today I have some more items to show you from My Attic.
These sales will only last until November 30th so hurry scurry friends and grab these up at 95L each while you can. After this round ends all items go up to normal price @ their respective Main stores.
Enjoy the weekend! ♥ Ember ♥

~ What I'm Wearing ~

Hair - enVogue | Patricia | By Casandra Rain | MY ATTICSkin - [ MUDSKIN ] |Lady Luck4_E1_Sunny | By Sopha Portal.Shape -Enfant| Sarang | By Sopha Portal.Mesh Body - Maitreya| Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.

Glasses - Fishy Strawberry | Fly Glasses  | By Fae Eriksen.Necklace - Maxi Gossamer | Alexa Black Choker Pearls | By Maxi Gossamer.Shoes - | Narcissa.Heels | By Darling Monday.
Dress 1  - The Annex | Party Dress, Red, fit mesh | By TheAnnex | MY ATTICDress 2  - even.flow | Tea Party Dress | By yingythingy | MY ATTICDress 3 - NYU | Striped Belted Dress,Beige | By NyuNyu Kimono | 

95 Linden Deals In Secondlife

Afternoon Dolls! I posted earlier about all the Black Friday Hair Sales .  I have updated my list over on Hair SL for those of you who are hard core hair lovers  ( like me) And want to check that out.
Still have Linden left to burn?  Check out My Attic!  All items there are only 95L EACH!  Until the round is over then up to full price in their respective main stores. 
*Puts her hands up while backing slowly away.*  Sorry guys, don't shoot the messenger!
Happy TGIF Day! ♥ Ember ♥

Hair - ICONIC | Ximena Hair | By Neveah Niu.Skin - [ MUDSKIN ] |Lady Luck4_E1_Sunny | By Sopha Portal.Shape -Enfant| Sarang | By Sopha Portal.Mesh Body - Maitreya| Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.Glasses - Fishy Strawberry | Fly Glasses  | By Fae Eriksen.Top / Pants - Mimikri | Embellishes Dress,Almond (Maitreya fit mesh) | By Mimikri Kit | MY ATTICPose - Ma Vie. | Party Girl | By Mavi Beck | MY ATTIC

Hair Sales For Black Friday!

Posted this + The 50L Friday hairs over on Hair SL
( Check it out!)

You want Black Friday Sale into right?  This is what I have found so far.  I am sure there is a ton more but I am but one person so forgive me OK Kokolores – Whole Main store 50% off ! | Nov 27 – 29.Amacci – 50% off on marked products | Nov 27 –  29.Wasabi Pills – All Fat Packs marked down to 500L! Nov 27 ONLY.Magika – Participating in the 12 Days Of Savings on Marketplace. Select styles marked down to 160LMina Hair  – 50% off main store | Nov 27th -29 | 50% refund AFTER purchase.Analog Dog – 40% off all new and recent releases(RED vendors) including full packs | Purple vendors in the discount section for $25L|New styles in the FREEBALL | Nov 27 – Dec 1.Olive – 75% off |  Single hair huds are 63L | Large hair huds are 94L |  Fatpacks are 375L | Nov 26th – 29th.

You Can Be The Boss

Good Morning Dolls ! Also my US friends, Happy Thanksgiving!
So I was playing around yesterday trying to make a less cartoon y photo. This was the result. I know it's not the usual blog photo but, I had tons of fun making it. Everything worn is AWESOME, but if you don't believe me, grab demos. 
The name of this jacket is called Suko. I was stuck for a name for the photo so I did a bit of research. One definition of the word is ' Insecure' OK, well I didn't look insecure in this, "Next!" I kept looking and stumbled across another possible meaning.  'suko n. 1. surrender; 2. submission'
That's more like it!!! So of course being on a music bender , I went digging on You Tube & I chose the title of Lana Del Ray's song ' You can be the boss'.
Well, that was way more long winded than I had originally intended.
 Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy! ♥ Ember ♥

Hair - Exile | Spice | By Kavar Cleanslate.Skin -[ MUDSKIN ]|Lady Luck4_E2_Su…

This Is Your Song

Morning Dolls! I've been spending a lot of time listening to songs on You Tube in the past few days. It amazes me how much music lifts me up. If you[re feeling a bit blue, give it a try!  Right now I am listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. So much awww.
Speaking of so much aww, Look at this top/dress from NS Cutie Store! This store totally caters to my inner baby girl. So much sweetness. The owner Nani is absolutely adorable and also she is now making clothing to fit the Belleza bodies.  I know, I 'm a Lara girl BUT her regular mesh FITS!!  Win win all around.
That's all for now folks! ♥ Ember ♥
"I hope you don't mind, that I put down in words. How wonderful life is, now you're in the world"

Hair - ICONIC | MIKA-HAIR | By Neveah Niu | @ TRES CHICSkin - [ MUDSKIN ] |Lady Luck4_E1_Sunny | By Sopha Portal.Eyes - The Stringer Mausoleum | Shyanne Eyes | Molten | By Helena Stringer | MY ATTICShape -Enfant| Sarang | By Sopha Portal.Mesh Body - Maitreya| Lar…

Don't Speak

Morning Dolls! I am dancing down memory lane this morning listening to all the 90's songs I loved growing up. I always forget how good music makes me feel! Started off with The Cardigans, then well note the post title.  Now up is Skid Row's I'll Remember you.  Gawd, so many memories.
Anyhoo. I am wearing some cute jammies from Sn@tch, available My Attic. The beautiful eyes are by The Stringer Mausoleum  also at the event. The pose is by Kirin and yup you guessed it. Available @ My Attic!
Have a good day! ♥ Ember ♥

Hair - .:CHEVEUX:. | F074 Blondes02 | By mariru Catnap | @ HAIROLOGYBows - Fawny | Velvet Bow | By AkiraKiyoi. | NEW MAINSTORE COMING SOON!Skin - [ MUDSKIN ] |Lady Luck4_E1_Sunny | By Sopha Portal.Eyes - The Stringer Mausoleum | Shyanne Eyes | Molten | By Helena Stringer | MY ATTICShape -Enfant| Sarang | By Sopha Portal.Mesh Body - Maitreya| Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.Polish - -{ZOZ}- Snowflake Gem Fade (Maitreya)| By Zozicon | @ COSMOPOLITAN SALES ROOMPj Top - Sn@…

Always be a Princess

Morning Dolls! Loving, loving , loving this look today. That is all I have to say really.
 Oh well other than no matter what happens in your life, put on that crown and be the princess you are!
♥ Ember ♥

Hair - :::Phoenix::: | Lara Hair | By xXRyvenXx | @ HAIROLOGYCrown - *NAMINOKE* | Princess Crown Blue | By taiko McCaw  | @ THE FANTASY COLLECTIVEOPENING TODAY <~~~ Click here for details!Skin -.::WoW Skins::.| V2 Fatma Darktan | By sawsan SecretSpy.Eyes - AVELINE| Eyes - Doll-L - Hazel | By giggle Solo | FREE ON MARKETPLACE!Shape -Enfant| Sarang | By Sopha Portal.Mesh Body - Maitreya| Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.Tattoo -Queen oF Ink| Animal Empire Tattoo | By MonaSax95.Jacket - Blueberry | Asia | Leather Jacket - Maitreya | By Blueberryxx.Skirt - Blueberry| Harlow | Split Skirt & Belt - Maitreya | By Blueberryxx.Shoes - Mutresse... Volena Pumps (Maitreya) | By Eeky Cioc | @ FAMESHEDPose -an lar [poses] | The Bruadar Series | By Katya Valeska | @ SHINY SHABBYFireplace - Apple Fall …