Badda Boom

 Time for the next round of Going Bust 
Here's some of the goods.

 Charming top

[J'adore] Spring Tanks 

You can find these and more @ the Cleavage SIM.
Outside the stores @ a special price.

This Diva has Plastik TaTas

*waves*   Hi there!  I'm Savvy/Savannah/Sav, whatever variation on my name someone can come up with.  Old friend of Ember's... key word 'Old' Haha
So popped over to one of my all time favorite stores today.  And found the owner had set out a giftie for all of us 'enhanced' gals. 
Two dresses, complete with Tango appliers :D
Hurry and get over there before it's gone
Limo to Plastik 
Next stop was DivaLicious
 They have a new group gift out.  This pretty little mesh dress in purple and pink.  Group is free to join so be sure to head over and grab the gift.
These don't have appliers however.  But they will look great for those of us that don't wear our boobs all the time.
Taxi to DivaLicious

And It Felt So Good!

The whore Couture Fair is coming!!
Here are a few of the sexy's  you can find there!

Pink Sugah's Peepshow - mauve crochet 

sexZ 's Disrobe Dress in Dusty Rose.

! ellemeno ! innocence bra&panties - red
clean and dirty options.
+ Glasses, dirty & clean versions.
Mannny options here!

All three have appliers for Tango's

Opens March 1, 2013.

Without ....

The colour pink,
 Ember would be a sad girl indeed.
So with this in mind,have some PINK!

Mesh hoodie, Ellemeno

Pink hearts, *The Fairest*

FleurdeLys_Pink, sexZ

Till next time..
Kisses and leg humps.

Pre Release

A new to me outlet store.
I wandered in the other day and discovered quite a large shop with many designers all items here are 125L or less.
This round runs from  Feb 17th till March 1st
The theme is boulevard of broken hearts.

Pink Sugah's Broken outfit.

Happy shopping,
Emmy, xoxo.


See, I keep my promises.

From Plastik
It is still in notices from Valentines day so hurry, 
join up  and grab it!

A gift from Pink Sugah,
 you can find this on the wall 
 You need to join the group to get the goods.

Oh yes she can get Sassier.

Hey beautiful people!
Been a few days since I have posted anything, 
shiny things distracted me.
I promise to get back on the ball starting right now!!

Scandalous dress Currently only 195L for the event including appliers for both Tango and Lush boobs. 10 colours to choose from.

 Mesh Frostbite sweater in red @ Flawless SIM's 
 You're Gonna Love This Sale.
50L From Sassy!

Note the hotness hangin off my toes?
 N-core has a massive sale on, run check it. No idea when it ends.
upstairs in the store.

This super pretty blouse  with appliers for your tangos.
For 95L @ Designer Circle.

She's so Sassy..

 No really, she is!
Get down to  Sassy!

New group gift. 
Mandarin mini in pink.
Tango applier included!

Beautiful new Mesh gown available  in 9 colours.
 2 styles in each pack.

Bustin out!

Round 2 of Going bust @ Cleavage Sim, woohoo!
 Here are some of the designs out  now.
 But only till Monday so hurry and get there!

Pink Sugah Love fool . 
Available in 3 colour choices.

From sexZ, 2 zombie love tattoo's for yer tatas.

From [Jadore] This super sweet valentines lingerie .
Available in 3 colours.


Some more free.

Hunt for your Inner Slut 3 February 15 - March 15
 Great, I think I'm going to do this one.
 Maybe I will find her. 

This is the item from +Silhouette+ Fashion 
Levane in grey EXCLUSIVE ITEM
Comes with skirt and pants. ( Oh and Tangos)

[J'adore] Group gift.
Hearty Mini, Perfect for Valentines day.

This cute bustier is this months group gift from sexZ
So enjoy your freebies.
Peace out,

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!

*peeks out from beneath a pile of bridal magazines and swatches*  Ohai my sexies!  I've been a busy little bee with lots of stuffs to do but never too busy to shop and find good deals!  I have some awesomeness to share with you real quick and than back to work for me!  So without further ado  new hotness from D-Style and super sexy shoes from Latreia!  Tadaaaaa!

Glitter and sparkles love,
Kaileebaby aka Princess Brat

 Trail to hotness:

Dress: D-Style - Sonia Valentine
Shoes: Latreia- Purity Pink Box
Hair: eXxEsS Mesh Hair - Sheena Red Pack

[J'adore] This Dress.

I Had this on in light grey yesterday and got so many compliments I had to blog it for you. Oh and.. It has Bum cleavage!!
Only 149 per colour. 
They support my Tangos or can wear without as they are mesh.

Stretchy minis in monotones 
500L for the fatpack.

Be there or be square.
Boobie squishes and Happy Friday
Em, xoxo

Some Sassy Sales.

 So I am now an offical blogger for Sassy! 
I have always loved their stuff and have 
blogged plenty of their hunt gifts in the past. 
I am so pleased to be able to show you their newness, 
all at reasonable prices. Loads of mesh and more and more tango appliers!
Also Hit the main store, there are always hunts going on. 

2 new and exclusive sets for XYRoom - until Feb 21st
99L each set.
Both with appliers for my tangos!

 BlackOnly Event. - until Feb 15th
200L each set.

Woo, three posts in a row, time to rela...Oh who am I kidding.
 Time to sort my inventory!
Peace out!
 Ember xoxo

2 In The Pink.

A limited edition outfit...only available for the month of February. All proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

Includes Mesh Dress, Mesh Boots, and Appliers

 Applier for Implants
BBusty,Universals &Lush

All pink items at the main store are 50% off, with 50% of proceeds going to benefit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation.

Available at:
Busted Office:

Cleavage Location:

The main store:

So get yer asses down to Ellemeno..UM NOW!

Memory Lane.

So I have been looking over my blog and seeing my
got me feeling nostalgic.

 I started this blog with the purpose of sharing quality freebies with my friends.
 My Master at the time thought it would be better for me to post one blog than tell every single person I met about the great deals I found.
 So with this in mind, here are some freebies for you . 

Pink Sugah * Love fool* For the AVD Hunt.
With Tango appliers.

Pink Sugah  *Breath* For the Mon Amor Hunt.
With Tango appliers.

Sassy! *Cali cutie*
 for the Jack or Jill Hunt - until Feb 28th

Sassy! *Simply Ravishing* 
For the Mon Amour Hunt - until Feb 28th
With Tango appliers.

Have fun and enjoy your freebies.
Ember xoxo
Other credits.
Hair Wasabi Pills.
Skin Alvulo

Knock, knock...anybody home?

Ohai my lovelies! Yay I'm back after taking a weekend break!  But don't be angry with me.  I've come back with a treat for the eyes!  The very talented and sweet as pie Dita Lamour (isn't that the yummiest name?) has opened a brand new store for all of us girls sporting the bodacious tatas.  She has an awesome retro diva doll style and I am tickled pink to introduce her to you!  Take a gander at one of her oh so cute outfits and then scurry off to Knockers!

Boo boopty doop!
Kaileebaby aka Princess brat

The skinny on the goods:

Hair: ::Exile:: Turn the Page: Blacks

Glasses:  /artilleri/ Meredith glasses 

Outfit: Clothes, stocking and flower for hair ~ ..::KnocKeRs::.. Pinup Dolly Outfit Pink

Shoes: KIKI Designs-Coqueta DOLL (Black&Pink)


I'm late, I'm late!!
To get this out, Sowwy!
 But hey, least I look good gettin here!!
Check this out!

 From Sassy!, Bad Reputation in plum. 
(Suits me!)
Applier for Tango!

From Ellemeno, Tiffany gown in  Bubble gum.
Also available in 5 other colours and has appliers for
  Pushups, Tango, Mused, eBoobs, BBusty, Universals, 
Lush and V-String.

Pink Sugah have so many things out
 it was so hard to choose just one to show you.
This is the Midnight dress in Black and White.
Tango appliers only.

From sexZ, this super cute Shorty polka dot sweater.
Comes in five colours.
 for Tango only.

Limo to BeWbApAlOoZa

Other credits.
All hair from [elikatira] 70 % off sale!

Rotten to the core!

Ohai sugar dumplings!  Omagoosh!  Do I have some stuffs to share with you.  I hope you had a good breakfast and are ready to shop till you drop!  *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*  is having the sale of a lifetime.  Yesterday was the oh so awesome Rogue's (owner of RD) rez-day.  She decided to gift us all!  All the way until Sunday EVERYTHING in the store is on sale for 10L.  Yes you heard that right 10 freakin linden!  The only exclusion she made are The McQueen Dresses, the Limited Edition McQueen Dress, all clearance items and the Gatchas. EVERYTHING ELSE is 10L.  

So run people!  Hurry!  If you don't leave happy you can have all my candy and cupcakes...ok you can't really have them all but I'll share!  Now make like a tree and leave!

Lots of hugs and snugs,
Kaileebaby aka Princess Brat
 Girl where you get that??

Necklace:  ~Pepper~ Valentine Set -  -perfect wardrobe-

Outfit 1
Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh hair "Lala" Blondes
Dress: [*RD*]*Teal Lovelies*

Outfit 2
Hair: Magika ~ Visit
Dress: [*RD*]*Swagged Dress-Black*
Shoes: KIKI Designs-Coqueta Platform Open toe RED

Outfit 3
Dress: [*RD*]*Discarded Dolly Dress-Red Stripe*

Outfit 1
Dress: [*RD*]*Gothic Dress*

Outfit 2
Hat & Outfit: [*RD*]*The Mad Hatter Blue*

Outfit 3
 [*RD*]*Royale Dress-Brown Polka Dot*