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A brand new blog!!!!

I'm sure many of you know that we have been very busy revamping the Bondage playground over the past few weeks.
And well I think we have just about finished.
This leads me to the reason of this post.
 A new blog!!!
 We will be posting photos of what we've done at first then after that we will run like a local news paper with photos and tidbits of goings on in the playground..

 So come follow

Then come hang about  @ Bondage Playground
         Maybe you will make a future edition of Released!!!

And you think you have problems..

It's official. SL hates me.  Every time My Master adds clothing from my RLV folder,  I turn invisible save for attachments.

Happy Friday!

The Femdom hunt.

So I guess since our shop is in this hunt. ( And Antony joined as a follower to my blog)  I'd best get my ass in gear and blog it.

There are TONS of fun and usable items in this hunt!  Here I am showing a small selection .  OK I know you probably haven't much use for a flying high heel but..  I had fun!

The hunt starts here. @  Z & A Productions.  You are hunting for a black High heel.

*GEL* is shop # 8 on this hunt and we have 2 items to find.  I hope you like what we have to offer. ( Sub pony rider, and Male RLV belt) Also any feedback ( good or bad) Would be appreciated.   Happy hunting ya pervs!

Happy Happy!

Happy Rezz day to my friend Forceme Silverspar. May it be filled with laughter and love  <3

My friend, Teacher and confidant.
 You have been with me through so much.
The good the bad the ugly.
I love you for you .
Thank you for existing in my life. xoxoxo

This month in the land of GEL


Been a couple months since I've hijacked my little wench's blog---but things have been busy. Every day when Em and I begin we generally start by letting things generally flow--then look back and wonder how we got so much done in such a short amount of time (assuming we get credit for taking time off for lunch, calls of nature, etc. and that sordid affair called real life)....

Added a few more RLV items to our burgeoning line of products (yes Emily both men and woman can now enjoy the advantage of a stylish GEL RLV belt while sitting in a GEL RLV cage)

Performed our usual amount of SIM hopping (check out Hell House!)

And oohhh yes--spent the last 2 weeks helping New Nighbor give a full makeover to the Bondage Playground--

You remember the Bondage Playground right? original home of my favorite vice Ember, one of the original Bondage interest Sims within SL?

For my part I remember my first few weeks in SL years ago--typing the word bondage in search,finding the playground and rea…