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I Feel Pretty!

I am sure you roll your eyes every time I mention this but, have you been to Blueberry? You need to. Look at the texturing on these pants. JUST LOOK!!! These are gorgeous and look so real!For more info  please check the notes & Credits.  Happy New Year! ♥ Ember Adored ♥ Little Bones  has a ton of group gifts on a shelf by the desk. They do have a 100L Join fee but totally worth it! They also have a free a box for non members. Just buy it for 0L.Kustom9 ends on the 10th of Jan. Don't forget to visit this round, they always have cute things. Collabor88 always begins on the 8th of each month but I still haven't figured out when the rounds end. So hurry over the lag load is light at this point and ohhh YAY new Glam Affair skin for my new Maitreya body ♥ Only 388L

 .Credits.Hairlittle bones. Feline - By Nova Faerye. GROUP GIFT (100L Join fee)SkinGlam Affair - Amberly II - Asia 01 B - By Aida Ewing. @ COLLABOR88(Dec Round)Eyes AL vulo ! - anemone grey - By Hlin Bluebird. (C…

Group Gifts And More!

Glam Affairhas a great group gift out. Skins! There is a minimal 30L join fee, then head over to the desk and grab the gift box. This one works perfectly with the new Maitreya Laura body. (Read Savvy's blog on itHERE) also has a VIP GIFT out. these super adorable Mary Jane style pumps are compatible with Slink, Belleza & Maitreya! There is a minimal join fee of 50L.Little Bones has free hair in a box at the end of the shelves by the front desk. Just buy it for 0L.Analog Dog also has free hair. Lot of it. Check the usual bubble on the beach plus all the green vendors are FREE. (Click all colors on the bottom right)F R O S T 2014 is still on until Jan 3rd so if you haven't been yet, Get crackin ! And don't forget to check the SE corner of the SIM under the tree for surprises for you!

 .Credits Photo's 1,2,3.HairAnalog Dog - val - light blondes - By Queue Marlowe. FREEBIESkin - Glam Affair - Amberly II - Asia - Blue Ice A - By Aida Ewing. GROUP GIFT (30L Joi…

Punked Glam

Hello everyone!  I have a few more FROST 2014 items to show you today.

I had a lot of fun making this photo, hope you enjoy.
♥ Ember.
Frost Fair 2014 - Dec 13 - Jan 3rd.
 .Credits.Hairadoness - soyala , winter sunset - By Cruella Pennell. FROST 2014Hair base enVOGUE - HairBase - Dark Color 5 - By Casandra Rain.SkinBlow-Up - Aura Skin Shiny Stars - Brunette - By Lilith Reina. @ FROST 2014Shape.::WoW Skins::. Elsa Shape - By Sawsan Secretspy. Lashes.::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2 - By Sawsan Secretspy. Eyes[ MUDSKIN ]_Glass Eye_Brown1 - By Sopha Portal. Dress - VERO MODERO - Banded Dress Dark Leather - By Bouquet Babii.Pose*PosESioN*- Horror 4 - By Dahriel. Unedited photo - Click to enlarge

A new body a new me?

So I jumped on the mesh body craze a while back.
The bodies are so much better for pictures!
And I loved my Slink Physique.  I've been wearing it exclusively for months!
However, curiosity got the best of me when I seen Maitreya had released a new mesh body called Lara.
I hopped over and grabbed the demo.  Then I decided to buy it.
At first I didn't like it.  It seems to be a little more athletic looking than the Physique and I was worried about appliers.
However, it did come with 10 glam affair skins in the built into skin hud, and I already had appliers for those. 
So now..... I love it.  My slink hands and feet fit the body flawlessly with the xs size.  (It does come with its own hands and feet though.  So when you buy it, you get the ENTIRE package minus a head :D)
And the great news is... It works with Omega Appliers!  Which made me super happy because my current skin had Omega appliers!
You just have to buy a hud that seems to talk to your Lara body and boom it works :…

Tips & Tricks For New Designers.

This is an edited re post of my Designer tips & Tricks . I removed the info about dealing with bloggers as I plan on making a new post just for that. all these links can now be found here -
I bet most of you are wondering why I'm making this page.
But Ember's Just a blogger!!!  Well,that may be true But I do deal with designers either directly or indirectly on a daily basis and I think I have a few tricks for you too :)

1. Marketing -
Via social Networking

There are a few things I think is an absolute MUST for both new and existing designers.

Flickr -
Here you should have at the very least 1 PAGE.
When you make this PAGE ( not a group) Make sure you use your store name.
This makes it easier for people to search and follow you.

I strongly suggest this because loads and loads of residents use Flickr on a daily basis. When we follow your store page on Flickr we see all your latest works may just run to y…

Ember's Blogging Tips And Tricks.

I am working on adding one link to all my tip blogs so this is getting re posted to the main blog. sorry for the re post if you've read it already. WARNING, THIS IS A VERY LONG READ! I started these notes because I love to help people. I thought about doing some classes and I might still! But for now friends please take a look, maybe learn a new trick or two!
*Or leave a comment and teach me some stuff!*
I will add to it as new ideas come about so If you have an idea I've missed, leave me a comment of PM me in world   Ember Adored.
1.Get Organized! -  
This is how I organize blog items in my inventory. Create a bunch of new folder in your inventory.                                         Title the first folder... ### BLOGCreate sub folders with DESIGNER NAME.  Place these folders inside the BLOGfolder.    If you blog events, you know they are time sensitive. I Label my event folders like this. ###EVENTNAME. This way it sticks to the top of the main BLOG folder.
  Your folders shou…

A very white Gothmas

Also Happy Holidays to all those that don't celebrate Christmas or celebrate a different holiday :)
Just a quick post to show off some fabulous finds :D

One of my favorite accessory designers, has gotten into other stuff!
I'm in love with my skin from flounce btw... Hop over to Level Up and grab it for yourself..
Its so pretty and soft!
Mr Draconias Timeless owner of ~*Souzou Eien*~ built this fabulous gazebo and street lamps I'm using in the pictures below.
And the cute adorable little ball I'm holding is one of his creations as well!
Also Purple Moon has the adorable outfit and boots I'm rocking :D
Then my nails are mesh nails from -{ZOZ}-.
I love her mesh nails :D
The polish, gazebo, lamps, and my little bauble can be found at Gothmas by Gaslight
 See you all soon!!
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Lala -  light blondes by Truth Hawks Skin: flounce - Level Up! Princess by Mimi Coral @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
Dress and boots: Purple Moon :: PM :: Littl…

Even More FROST

MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Here's a bit more from FROST , hope you enjoy! Hugs and kisses ♥ Ember ♥ *Important dates.
The Big Show - Runs -  Dec 6 - 28Frost 2014 - Dec 13 - Jan 3rd.
.Credits.Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yasu hair - By Ikira Frimon. FROST 2014Skin.::WoW Skins::. Elsa Golden - By Sawsan Secretspy. @ THE BIG SHOWEyes - [ MUDSKIN ]_Butterfly Eye_Misc1 - By Sopha Portal.Lashes.::WoW Skins::. Lashes 2 - By  Sawsan Secretspy.Dresseven.flow - Halterneck Tunic - By Yingythingy. FROST 2014Jacketeven.flow - Mini Jacket - By Yingythingy. FROST 2014HandsSlink - AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual - By Siddean Munro.PosePurple Poses - Amelie - By Audrey Guter. FROST 2014

WoW Skins Christmas Hunt

@ WoW Skins, from December 23 ~ 30th.  Search the Main Store for 14 hidden bears each 1L.

13 for women 1 for men.  While you're there don't forget to join their group for tons of  Group Gifts , Midnight Mania & Lucky boards. LIMO -

Winter Marketing

Good morning everyone. Today I am showing you a pretty outfit from FLRN @  The Four Seasons Winter Market and enVogue's newest hair.  This hair designer is amazing me with each new style. You have to go try a demo and look at the hair bases. They are so well done and realistic looking. Oh and check out these boots by {Livalle} , formerly [L.Warwick] is right up there on my list of fave shoe stores. The talent here just amazes me.
Happy Shopping! ♥ Ember Adored ♥
*Ember's Event Notes. Frost 2014 runs until January 3.The Four Seasons Market - Winter is on now until January 4th.

.Credits.Hair - enVOGUE - HAIR Clarissa - Dark Browns - By Casandra Rain.Skin.::WoW Skins::. Monica Bronze - By Sawsan Secretspy.Shape - .::WoW Skins::. Monica - By Sawsan Secretspy.Eyes[ MUDSKIN ]_Dolly Eye_Green4 - By Sopha Portal.Lashes .::WoW Skins::.Lashes 1 - By Sawsan Secretspy.Top -  FLRN - Ava Sweater - By Florina Phelan. FOUR SEASONS MARKET - WINTERSkirt - FLRN - Ava Loose Mini Skirt - By F…

F R O S T 2014 & The Arcade

Good morning everyone. 
The holidays are fast approaching and my RL is pretty hectic. I have 7 kids here with me so someone please send me earplugs!

F R O S T 2104 is still going strong and don't forget they have a tree in the south east corner of the sim with gifts under it. This event runs until Jan 3 so there's still plenty of time to visit.

Also The Arcade is still running. This is a great place to visit to get some gifts for friends as everything is transferable! ( This hair, drool)

Happy Shopping
♥ Ember Adored ♥

*Ember's Event Notes.

The Arcade runs until December 31.Frost 2014 runs until January 3.

.Credits.HairMINA - Selenia - Black & white specials - By Mina Nakamura. @ THE ARCADESkin.::WoW Skins::. Monica Bronze 05 - By Sawsan Secretspy.Shape.::WoW Skins::. Monica - By Sawsan Secretspy.Eyes - - LOUX - Vivid eyes { Blue } - By Louxstore. TopRazor /// Chambers Shirt - White - Wasted Youth - By Kehl Razor. @ FROST 2014SkirtBlueberry - Kits - Tied Suede …

BoInG bOiNg

I'm super princess! Hehe. So, Level Up just started a new round :D I love this event.  And this round I love it even more.
I spent many a hour when I was young playing Mario, Pacman, Zelda... The theme is retro gaming, and goodness gracious... these designers delivered!
Check below for credits :D

Skin: flounce - Level Up! Princess by Mimi Coral @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mario hair-Fatpack by Ikira Frimon @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
Dress: *katat0nik* Froggie Outfit @ Level Up by Katat0nik Pidgeon @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
Necklace: *NW* Ruby Necklace - Blue - Gold by Mystik Ruby @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
Bracelets and rings: NOMAD // Retro Gamer Jewellery Gacha by Piraiyah Novikov @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th
Shoes: ieQED full.control.platform by SigiFaust
(Was at Geeks 'n' Nerds which has ended)
Tail: {Chompychain~ black} tail .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. by кяєασ кυяσι кυנιѕαωα (Kreao Kujisawa) @ Level Up Dec 18th - Jan 5th