/me is posh in Callie Cline

Two shots today of my new floofy Diamond tail aand ears. I love them, every woman needs diamonds. The tail is colour change and can be had for 300l.The ears are 100 . Also from caLLie cLine I have on her wrap Bikini. So many options for this one and I get to keep my stripes while wearing it.. Two thumbs up from me. All these items can be found HERE
Also worn , Hair from Posh.. Mega pack of free      ones HERE.
That's all I got for now. I'm real lazy 
But I still love you all!


Dear Diary..It's been weeks since my last entry..Oh snap wait a sec...

Hello my Treasures!!!!

Goodness I've been so darn lazy with this heat. But really I'll not complain because G Field has sent its suscribo members this freaking awesome gift! The classic swimsuit in 4 colours.

I hope you can see the texture well enough because WOW.
I have never purchased an item here before .
.*Just went perved the shoes, hit suscribo out of habit
* But guess where I'll be visiting today?
You got it..G FIELD BABY!