Ohai! Bonne année!  Feliz año nuevo and uh...Happy New Year!!  Ok, so I realize i'm a couple of days early but..shhh, just take it! 

On wif da show!  I has newness to share with you and I'm so excited!  I went wandering around today and I found a store that i'm just over the moon about! Its called (insert drum roll here) Delirium Style!  Not only does the designer make awesome stuffs but she does something that has made her my store of first choice...on each ad she actually lists the styling...hair, skin etc!  Delirium you rock in all your epic epicosity! 

Wait...you still here?  What are you waiting for? Get delirious at Delirium nao!!

Super squishes ~ Kaileebaby

Jacket, pants and boots : D-Style-TC Delirium Style
Hair : Cherilyn Hair @ Wasabi Pills
Super cute helmet: Maus Helmet @  Ugly Duck
Tank top: Wet tank top - [LiF]

God Jul

Or Merry Christmas!
I have been a lazy blogger but I hope to make it up to you in the new year.
I scored this dress today thought and HAD to share..

Aint it pretty?
You can pick this up @ Solange for 0L
And, oh yeah.. There's tango appliers included!!
So merry merry my darlings.
May 2013 bring you all sorts of good things.
Ember , xoxo.

Gimme Sugah!!

 With my Tango's on, rocking in my new skin I head out into the grid to get me some inexpensive clothes for these puppies.
On my travels I find Pink Sugah.
 Humm, name's familiar.

 Oh yes Kai showed me something from them yesterday.
So me being me, I sashay in and hit up the MM boards, lucky board , join the group and basically case the joint in 2 minutes flat.

On the lucky board is a 250L gift card.
~~~I WON~~~

 I picked up Tink here for  49 L!

And this  sexy  number called Hello Sailor...
Just 99L (AS IF!)

So now I have a few more outfits to Tango with.

Now get your ass down to Pink Sugah..Like NOW!

Ember learns to Tango!

So I have been humming and hawing over getting these things.

These things being Lola's Tango mesh boobies.

I got Kai to take me spur of the moment yesterday.
1,750L later...

Ember gulps.

So I try them on, look in the box and begin trying stuff out.
 Supposed to be easy to tint.( yeahhh right)
Anyhoo one of my friends from the playhouse told me about Alvulo having Tango skin appliers in with the skins.

Ember facepalms. Duh I knew this!!! 
I saw it when I grabbed their group gift the other day.

So I put on my skin, added the applier, clicked the button and held my breath.
Perfect fucking match!!!

Tango boobies can be purchased HERE.

Top skin is FREE @ Alvulo main store.

Second skin is 70L @ TDR fusion.

Wishing you a merry 'little' Christmas.

 First the free.

December is here and with it a new group gift from Crickets.
Cute little reindeer eh?

The hair is from Alice project's advent calender.
It was day 3's gift but I believe you can purchase it at the end of the event.
Don't miss out again,  Come HERE every day!

Do you like gatchas? I do!
Kaileebaby told me about the Arcade reopening  and these cutie patootie jammies.
Perfect for when I am feeling snuggly and well little :)

There are many colours and styles. Choose your size and pay 50L
You get a random jammie. Oh and they are mesh.

Happy Hump day!
Ember xoxo

Worth Every Penny

Ohai! Good day all you wunnerful people of squishiness!  I'm Kaileebaby and I'll be joining Ember in bringing to you the great stuffs of SL!  I know this blog is normally about freebies and gifts but  I'll be taking a slightly different approach.  May be free, may cost lindens but the yumminess I will share with you will always be WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Today I just had  the most amazing exchange with a designer and i will burst with all that awesomeness if I don't share!   

There is a store by the name of +Blue Blood+ Dark Gothic Couture and they have just today released the most deliciously cute (um if you can call dark gothic cute) Dark Alice dress evah!

Oh and did I mention that Ghanima Uriza the owner of said store is the epitome of epicness?  Well she is.  A special shout out to her for being one of the rare breed of designers in sl that is truly a nice person!

So run, hurry, skedaddle...shoo now!  Get to Blue Blood with quickness and shop shop shop!

Mucho smooches, Kaileebaby :)

Skin: LAQ - Essential Elle - Tone 4.0
Hair: Truth Hair - Dolly, fades
Goggles: Panda Express - Panda - Spike Star Gazer Goggles
Whiskers: Anara's - Recolorable Furry Neko Set
Tail : Lemon Tea - Short Hair Neko Tail
Key: [Ai]Tech - Gemmed Heart Doll Key
Dress: +Blue Blood+ - Alice (purple)
Boots: *KaS* - BalletBoots