Sunday, December 2, 2012

Worth Every Penny

Ohai! Good day all you wunnerful people of squishiness!  I'm Kaileebaby and I'll be joining Ember in bringing to you the great stuffs of SL!  I know this blog is normally about freebies and gifts but  I'll be taking a slightly different approach.  May be free, may cost lindens but the yumminess I will share with you will always be WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Today I just had  the most amazing exchange with a designer and i will burst with all that awesomeness if I don't share!   

There is a store by the name of +Blue Blood+ Dark Gothic Couture and they have just today released the most deliciously cute (um if you can call dark gothic cute) Dark Alice dress evah!

Oh and did I mention that Ghanima Uriza the owner of said store is the epitome of epicness?  Well she is.  A special shout out to her for being one of the rare breed of designers in sl that is truly a nice person!

So run, hurry, skedaddle...shoo now!  Get to Blue Blood with quickness and shop shop shop!

Mucho smooches, Kaileebaby :)

Skin: LAQ - Essential Elle - Tone 4.0
Hair: Truth Hair - Dolly, fades
Goggles: Panda Express - Panda - Spike Star Gazer Goggles
Whiskers: Anara's - Recolorable Furry Neko Set
Tail : Lemon Tea - Short Hair Neko Tail
Key: [Ai]Tech - Gemmed Heart Doll Key
Dress: +Blue Blood+ - Alice (purple)
Boots: *KaS* - BalletBoots

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