Worth Every Penny

Ohai! Good day all you wunnerful people of squishiness!  I'm Kaileebaby and I'll be joining Ember in bringing to you the great stuffs of SL!  I know this blog is normally about freebies and gifts but  I'll be taking a slightly different approach.  May be free, may cost lindens but the yumminess I will share with you will always be WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Today I just had  the most amazing exchange with a designer and i will burst with all that awesomeness if I don't share!   

There is a store by the name of +Blue Blood+ Dark Gothic Couture and they have just today released the most deliciously cute (um if you can call dark gothic cute) Dark Alice dress evah!

Oh and did I mention that Ghanima Uriza the owner of said store is the epitome of epicness?  Well she is.  A special shout out to her for being one of the rare breed of designers in sl that is truly a nice person!

So run, hurry, skedaddle...shoo now!  Get to Blue Blood with quickness and shop shop shop!

Mucho smooches, Kaileebaby :)

Skin: LAQ - Essential Elle - Tone 4.0
Hair: Truth Hair - Dolly, fades
Goggles: Panda Express - Panda - Spike Star Gazer Goggles
Whiskers: Anara's - Recolorable Furry Neko Set
Tail : Lemon Tea - Short Hair Neko Tail
Key: [Ai]Tech - Gemmed Heart Doll Key
Dress: +Blue Blood+ - Alice (purple)
Boots: *KaS* - BalletBoots