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The Lexi Project

I was not sure what to expect when I teleported to this charity event to be honest.  It was put together very quickly to help offset costs of  cancer treatment for Lexi Zelin.  Owner of Angel Red Couture.  There are over 350 designers involved in this effort with 100% of proceeds going to Lexi for treatment.  I was impressed not only with the set up but the lack of lag for the amount of people there and booths set up.Well done Toxxic Rhiannyr & Heather Smithson for not only getting this together fast and well done but for also selflessly donating time and space for this event and person in need.The first Items I am showing off are this lovely skin with ALL APPLIERS by Lumae. Also this stunning floral Necklace by Zibska.  I HAD to have it. Hair - Moon. Hair.|Common Burn|By Silent Acoustic|Was @ The Hair Fair. Not sure when in store.|Eyes – AVELINE Eyes – Doll-M – Hazel – Iris (M)|By Giggle Solo| Free On Marketplace|Lashes –*Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Eyelash,Upper|By  Freya Olivieri|M…

Last day of hair fair 2015 / Bandanna day!

Hey everyone!                                        I am sad to tell you that the *sniffle*Hair Fair*sniffles louder* is ending @ Midnight tonight.  *Breaks down crying*OK so. You have one more day to shop this fantastic event.  It is also BandannaDay!Traditionally a day where we purchase a bandanna from the fair like the one I am sporting below and wear it with pride in support of this special cause.  You can find a Bandannalocation on every single sim.  But I will plug the slurls into the word Bandannajust in case to give you a big ole red beacon!I know you are all chomping at the bit to get into the Lexi Project but as that is probably full to the nuts right now, don't forget this other great cause, supporting children stricken with this terrible disease.Credits below.  Thank you.♥Ember Adored♥ .Credits.Head Scarf - .Lelutka.Kali.|By  Thora Charron|HAIR FAIR 2015|Hair - Lamb.Need You - Variety Pack|By Lamb Bellic|HAIR FAIR 2015|Eyes – AVELINE Eyes – Doll-M – Hazel – Iris (M)|By…

Hitting the streets Uber style.

Just a quickie this morning.Uber has started and this round is Street.  Loads of super fun items available this round but take your time cause as usual it is packed to the nuts!Also The Hair Fair ends tomorrow night.  Please, please if you haven't been yet.  YOU NEED TO GO!  Not only for all the  FREE HAIR & GIFTS but also because each designer is donating partial proceeds to Wigs For Kids.(Blueberry is donating 100%) This is one amazing Fair and  not to be missed.  The lag is way down, so go in and derender EVERYONE.  Snap up your favorite styles now before the fair closes so your hard earned lindens can go towards helping these lovely children.That's all for now folks.Love you bunches and thank you for taking the time to peek at my blog.♥ Ember Adored ♥ .Credits.Hair in photo 1 - :::Phoenix:::Jaden Hair|By Lilly HerbergHAIR FAIR 2015|Hairs in collage - Top  - :::Phoenix::: Kendra Hair|By Lilly Herberg| HAIR FAIR 2015|  Bottom -Moon. Hair.- Common Burn|By Silent Acoustic…

A New Favorite.

Hey everyone, not many freebies in this post but I wanted to show you something I brought that I am so in love with!I had to get this dress from Eaters Coma over @  Seasons Story.  Like HAD to. In fact, I think I will go back and buy it in more colours as it is that well made. The only thing I will mention is that this does not have a Maitreya fit.  I can stuff myself into it okay for standing around but soon as I sit down, bits poke through.  BUTTT don't even care as the texturing is THAT GOOD!So remember.  Always Demo anything before you buy.Happy Friday!♥ Ember Adored ♥ .Credits.Hair - =DeLa*=Fitted Mesh Hair "Gardenia" Blondes|By Kuranosuke Kamachi| SHINY SHABBY|Lashes -*Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Eyelash,Upper|By  Freya Olivieri|Eyes - AVELINE Eyes – Doll-M – Hazel – Iris (M)|By Giggle Solo| Free On Marketplace|Shape - Enfant| Sarang Shape|By Sopha Portal|Skin - .::WoW Skins::. V2 Virginia Darktan|By Sawsan SecretSpy|Dress - Eaters Coma|Dress w/ waist tied shirt / White |B…

5 Freebies In Second Life

OK,  so yesterday in my post I promised to show you the FREE GIFTS that can be found @ The Instruments Anniversary round.  And Out of the 5 that I found I choose to show you my 2 favorites as so not to clutter this post with a zillion photos.  Think of the rest as treasure hunting!! Also FREE today are my hair by TRUTH HAIR  , myeyes by AVELINE Eyes& my hair base by Analog Dog.  I noticed that free items excite others as much as they do me, YAY for good quality freebies! Thank you designers! ♥ Hugs and squishes,♥ Ember Adored ♥ .Credits.Dress Photo 1. - ImmateriA | Porcia |By Naenia Demina| FREE @ THE INSTRUMENTS|Dress Photo 2 - C e l e s t i n a s W e d d i n g | Yaz Neckholder mesh Dress| By Sofia Corleone |FREE @ THE INSTRUMENTS|Hair - TRUTH HAIR Essena Variety.| By Truth Hawks| Subscriber Gift#2 in history.Hair Base – Analog Dog|.b black hair base|By Queue Marlowe|FreeThe Hair Fair|Lashes -*Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Eyelash,Upper|By  Freya Olivieri|Eyes -AVELINE Eyes – Doll-L –…

Wicca's Wardrobe At The Instruments

So I am not officially blogging this round of The Instruments  *sadface :( *  But I do have one really fantastic outfit to show you!! I love playing with lighting and less mainstream looks and this Dress & headpiece from Wicca's Wardrobe gave me the inspiration  (kick in the ass)  I needed to do so! This month marks their Anniversary round over @ The Instruments so there are a LOT of wicked designers there.  (Check out Purple Moons wings!)  and also about5 free giftson a cart when you land.  I will photograph them next and show them to ya cause well, you know me and free :P

Hope you are having a wickedly good Monday!
♥ Ember Adored ♥ .Credits.Eye Shadow - alaskametro♥ |"Matte Smoke" eyeshadow,Charcoal|By Alaska Metropolitan|25L On Marketplace|Lipstick - alaskametro♥ |"Creme Red" lipstick,Harlot|By Alaska Metropolitan|25L On Marketplace|Hair Base - Analog Dog|.b black hair base|By Queue Marlowe|FreeThe Hair Fair|Lashes - *Mon Cheri* "Falsies" Eyelash,…

I Am Having An Epiphany

So the Epiphany event(Open now, ending August 5th at 11:55pm SLT) seems to be a pretty neat concept.  It differs from other gacha events by allowing you to trade in common duplicate items for credits.  You then use the credits towards Exclusive items.  The items from the machines will still be transferable so if you wish to trade to sell your items you still have the fun of doing that as well!
The exclusive items will not be available after the event is over.LIMO - more info on the website here -  Alsocheck out the awesome gallery that Eloquence has made for us here -
I am so in love with what Blueberry is offering in this event.  Not clothing but super cute Balloons , Balloons with friends, just too much fun.  Also, speaking of Blueberry.  They have re released two of their older items, totally remade and now fitting the Mesh bodies we lov…

Hair My Favorite Thing

I have a lot of photos to show you today, I don't usually do this much in one post but I got a bit carried away with Phoenix's offerings @ The Hair Fairin Second Life.I have 3 out of the 4 hairs on offer here all paired with lovely skins, all by different designers.  So make sure to check out the credits below the photos and don't forget to get over to the Hair Fair before the 26th!!  Remember partial proceeds from each sale goes to Wigs for Kids!!! .Credits.Photo 1.Hair -:::Phoenix::: Roxane|By Lilly Herberg|HAIR FAIR NOIRETTE SIM|Skin -.::WoW Skins::. Fatma, Darktan|By sawsan SecretSpy|THE BLACK DOTShape -Enfant|Sarang|By Sopha Portal|Eyes - Amacci|GreyBrown|By Carina Larsen|FREE|Lashes - *Mon Cheri*Falsies|By Freya Olivieri|Mesh Body - Maitreya|Lara|By Onyx LeShelle|Top - even.flow - Statement Crop Top,i love noobs,black|Pose - oOo Studio|Brevity 6|By Olaenka Chesnokov|Photo 2.Hair - :::Phoenix::: Bella|By Lilly Herberg|HAIR FAIR NOIRETTE SIM|Skin - [ MUDSKIN ] Matsuri…

The Wayward Carnival

So I got to preview the Wayward Carnival yesterday ( apparently naked, shhh I didn't know) And picked up a few items to show off .  I found this dress from League that worked well with my Maitreya body even though it didn't specifically have Maitreya sizing.  So, MINE.  Also I could not pass up Pr!tty's pretty hair and One of my most favorite skin designers is there too.  Mudskin, sent out review copies of this sweet skin so I was able to show it off for you as well. Thank you Sopha! Credits and info at the bottom of this very long post !

Here is some info on the event.I hope you are able to make it over.  There are a lot of trees and such so if you, like me have slower graphics, remember to set them in advance of landing to ensure an enjoyable lag free visit!The Wayward Carnival spotlights designer exclusives as well as a working carnival! Sponsors –Alchemist|Cheeky Pea|Little Branch|NYU|Pink Acid|Soy.Participating Stores –amiable|AmitiĆ© Poses|an lar poses|anc Ltd|Atooly…