With all the hunts coming up this fall the one that interests me the most is the STEAM HUNT.
This hunt starts on Sept 1. To learn more about Steam punk click HERE.
I think this is a great opportunity to discover Steam punk designers from all over the grid. Here is the SLURL for the starting point.
In this photo is an Steam punk outfit I have already(not from the hunt)
Skin TULI (Group gift 250L join)
Hair Magika (10L UPSTAIRS)
Shoes Dirty Lynx (Victoria)
Goggles NDN (Past gift from the men's hunt)

gorgeous stuff for free for a limited time

I do apologize for my long over due posting, that pesky "RL" thing I've heard other avvies whisper about popped up and took me away! BUT I came back to tell you that you MUST clear a group slot to get these, a small selection I photographed of a fantastic take, wonderful items for FREE!

LOTS of lovely items to decorate your place, including that great ottoman (with three sit poses), the lovely shelf, and lots of different prim books. These are just a few items you can snatch of you join the group m. fox boxed listed in the profile of Mirabella Foxley. Once you join up go to the group notices and get the generously attached box.
Do hurry! The group closes 9/9/09!

Some stuffs

First up is this gown I got from the DSN .
It is from New Eden Designs and called Joelle.
Unfortunately none of the lm's that were included in this outfit worked.
Dunno if they are still on the grid or not.
(Go here and join the DSN)
It's worth it!
Next up is Cupcakes.
I joined the group with the help of a friend..tks Az:)
It costs like 150 to join but totally worth it.
Look at the textures in this top. A group gift!
Also in this photo I am wearing my BAX BOOTS!
And part of a group gift from Vinyl cafe (shorts and stockings) free to join.

And last but not least is this weeks freebie from LBD.
I forget the name but its got megadeath on it...

Sorry I'm so slow at getting posts out to y'all but hey I'm just sore and blah lately
Not really in the mood to blog..
Come on anyone wanna help me on a regular basis???
kisses Em

Magika 10L Hair Sale!

Ember mentioned this on Tuesday and gave an slurl. I headed over there and checked it out. They have some really cute styles! The sale section is over to the left on the far wall as you enter the store. It's a huge selection of styles that are all only 10L per color pack. The style above is called "Stripped". I got it in a reds pack.

This second style is called "Snuggle" This color is in the browns pack.

This next style is called "Haor back". This color is also in the browns pack.
Magika Hair! Please note that this is a PG sim, so don't go over there all naked and bound up. I know how the readers of this blog are! Have fun, and get lots of cute hair.

Im sorry.. I'm here ..kinda

Hey good mornig.. A day late on this. Whats new at Little Britain?
.Red Skull jean set.
For boys as well!
Now lets see what else is up for grabs eh..
From the camp chairs we have..
this supa awesome beanie with hair!!
Also a bullet chain, neko ears and tail.
Brown spiked arm bracers,and neko boots that leave paw prints!..
Oh yes and while your there slap the MM board and check out the 2 lucky chairs.
They have skin and are fab!

Yea thats it for now..
really not feelin hot at all.
Altho Magika has a snoart load of GOOD 10L Hair now!
Love you,
bye bye,
(I accidentaly deleted half this post. sorry)

Filling In (and filling it out)

Hey lovelies (or whatever you are). Opti here today, filling in for Ember. She's recovering and couldn't stand the idea of you going for so long without some essential fashion input. I am.

Today, I'm sporting a simply amazing FREEBIE from Sara Nerd's Freebie Paradise. This stunning pink dress is a must-have. I have three words for it...Fab-U-lous.

Ember we love you, get better!!! Please return soon, I don't wanna have to wear another dress.

not free, but super cheap!

HURRY HURRY HURRY TO [paper.doll]! Tons of cute stuff for 5, 10, 25, and 50L. Skins are 50L with fatpacks at 150 (for like 8 or 9 skins!), hair is $25 for a pack of 3, lots of clothes for 10l and even some shoes for 5L. GO CRAZY!

[paper.doll] DenimSkirt-Skulls - 5L

[paper.doll] LowRiseDenim-BlackWash - 10L
[paper.doll] FreeGift (leopard shrug) - FREE!
[paper.doll] Leighton-Brunettes - 25L (shown in DarkBrown)

[paper.doll] TshirtDress-NOH8 - 10L

[paper.doll] CrochetSun - 10L
[paper.doll] Mackenzie-Brunettes - 25L (Shown in Brunette)

I'm Alive!

Hello my lovelies.
Just a short note today.
I had surgery on my spine on Friday SO I wont be on here for abut 1 week.
I am appealing to all those with blog rights here to well BLOG!
kisses to all .Em,xoxo