Cleavage or Bust!

Have you been to Cleavage Sim yet?
Well this Thursday is the purrfect time to check it out.
 They have this event going on stating Thursday at Midnight.
Called Going Bust.

 The stores will have one item out in  front of their shops for 100L or less!
What a great idea.
Ember Tangos down the road with Kai.

The sale item from Pink Sugah.
Midnight Neons in punky purple.

This super cute cupcake dress from !Ellemeno!

Last but not least for today is this sweet retro dress from sexZ

This sale runs until Monday so gather up yer puppies and..

Other credits.
 Photo one

Photo Two
 Hair ^;^CaTwA^;^
Shoes Diktator

Photo Three
Hair Truth ( Was free)
Shoes Diktator

Somebody call a doctor...

Cuz these shoes are sickning!  In other words my dahlings they are fierce and FA..BU..LOUS! Haters beware because Diktator has come out with a new shoe to make the girls green with Envy!  If you haven't already heard of them then you are missing out on something amazing.  So follow me all  you divas in the making as I lead you to shoe heaven....Behold...(insert harps and angelic singing)

Just call me the pied piper!
Kaileebaby aka Princess Brat

Map to awesomeness:

Top & Shorts: Apple May Designs - Ringer
Hair: .Ploom. Mookie - Blondes
Pose: [LA]- Lost Angel "Structures" Multipose showcasing shoes

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Ohai my little pumpkins!  Today is an easy breezy Sunday morning so its all about the casual look.  I couldn't decide on sassy or laid back so you get two choices to view!  There are two stores you just have to get to.  Pink Sugah and !Ellemeno!  Cute things for da boobies! What else can you ask for?  So grab a snack and head out on a shopping trip....what? Dude, just go! *skips out singing "pour some sugah on meeee...*
Kaileebaby aka Princess Brat

Da Smexy Info:
Top:  .::PS::. Rapture (blacks)
Pants/skirt: coldLogic pant sheldon.smoke
 Hair/hood: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Eleanora HairStyle/Light Reds

Top:  ! ellemeno ! basics - white shirt (big smoochies to CarrieAnn Lemon for her awesomeness!)
Jacket: ! ellemeno ! open sweater - tweet tea
Jeans: [Aux]Belted Bells  - Vintage
Lounger: Trompe Loeil - Pallet Lounger [mesh] (Four Walls Hunt Gift)


Have you been? Yes? GOOD.
 Go back! Shop lots.
I have no idea how long this shop has been open but they have great clothes to cover my new puppies!

Lulu rouched gown in red.

Tuxedo gown in crimson

Fairisle sweater in pale purple.

Now I know this designer has clothing for different implants so check before buying that you are picking an item that is right for your twins.
But what I really love about this place is the prettiness of her clothing, she tends to lean towards the cuter clothes rather than the revealing.
And Emmy digs that!

Take this LIMO!
Kisses and stuff.
Ember xoxo


The 69 L weekend starts @ 3 pm SLT today and runs till 3 pm on Sunday.
There are loads of designers on the list with more joining regularly.
 Here are 3 from this weeks round.

From +Sihouette+ 
A cute brown safari dress.
You can join the group here and pick up the list.

From Carrie's Lingerie

 Remember them?
Get the pet poser  for 69L .
This weekend only!

Happy Shopping !
Em, xoxo.
Other credits.
Photo #1 
Hair, DeLa,Lana (Not free)
Background, MY NEW HOUSE !!!SQUEE!!
From Creative Decay (Not free)

Its The Little Things...

Gah!  This song keeps running through my head! So today this song is my muse.  They say diamonds are a girls best friend but I say any jewelry is...a girl can't have enough! (is that a hint to someone?  could be, could be...)

Anywho...There is nothing like the perfect earrings and necklace to make an outfit pop.  I found this super cool store that i'm loving for its unique pieces that I've not seen anywhere else in sl.  Welcome to my new go to place for cute trendy jewelry....dun dun dun....Amorous!

I know, I know...enough talking and on with the goodies.  Feast your eyes on awesomeness...

Case these joints for da goods:

Necklace & Earrings:   Triptych - Lust ~ Amorous
Hair: Looking - Firey Reds ~ [elikatira] Big big sale GO GO GO!
Eyes: Mesh Nebula Spring ~ Dead Apples
Nails: Basic prim nails ~ +*caNDy NaiL*+
Ring: Big ass rang - part of glamOrous - pw outfit ~ [ alterego ]

and now  it can keep running through your head today too!  mwaaah!  Kaileebaby aka Princess Brat <3

Late Breaking News!!!

Ohai all you fasionistas out there!  I hope you are staying warm an cozy in all this cold weather that has been sweeping the world!  I have on my warm and toasty bunny slippers as I sit here writing to you.

And now for some news that is truly squeal worthy!  We all love a great outfit but whats an outfit without cute hair?  Well I'm about to help you solve that problem.  [elikatira] is having a huge sale!  When I say huge I mean GINORMOUS!  She has decided to focus fully on just mesh hair.  What does that mean to you? Every..single...item..on..SALE! That's right everything in the store is now 70% off!  You have 1 month until all the inventory is gone for good and she begins her work on all fresh new stuffage!

Details to this amazing retirement sale are here.  The awesomeness is here.

Why are you still here talking to me?  There is gorgeous hair to be had!

Drowning in a pool of awesome,
Kaileebaby aka Princess Brat

Bippity boppity boo!

Now where did I put that glass slipper....Ohai!  I didn't see you there.  Well come on in and welcome to da Princess Brat's closet!  Last night I was at an event with my honey bun...also known as Big Daddeh *giggles*..and I felt like being fun, quirky and princess-y and this is what I came up with.  Ember said blog it!  So here ya go!  Feast your eyes on da princess fresh from a day of shoppin!

Happy frog kissing!
Da Princess Brat aka Kaileebaby

Where to get da awesomness:
Crown: -LaViere- ~ Fake Plastic Crown Pastel Pack
Necklace: Earthstones ~ With Love Necklace
Dress: Apple May Designs ~ Princess/Pink
Hair: Magika ~ [03] Tendency
Pose: Glitterati ~ Shopaholic
skin: Illusory ~ Love/Milk (blah blah store gone check Auxiliary skins coming soon)

Batty About Da Tangos

 I had a dream... Read on.

Photo 1 is another lovely dress from !ellemeno!
# 25 on the HTH trail.
I really love this designer.

Second photo is a sexy mini dress from 
#21 on the hunt trail.

And lastly is this sexy little tank top.
from ..:sexZ:..  #24 on the list.

This top is the reason for today's post  title.
I had the strangest dream about someone from SL last night.
 This top reminded me of them.
Goes to prove that you can walk away from someone but still have them in your thoughts.
 I doubt they look at this blog any more but if they do...
That concludes today's episode.. Stay tuned!
Ember xoxo
Other credits.
Photo #1
Hair, /Wasabi Pills/ Christy ( Not free)
Shoes, [Diktator] Dare (Not free)
Skin, Alvulo! (Not free)

Photo #2
Hair, Truth , Josie in Pumkin pie (Not free)
Shoes, [Diktator] (they will have to pry these off my cold dead body)
Skin, Alvulo! (Not free)

Photo #3 
Hair, Truth , Josie in Pumpkin Pie.(Not free)
Skirt, SUGAR (Not free)
Shoes, [Diktator] again (Not free)
Skin, Alvulo! (Still not free)

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

Ohai sugar cookies!  Even da flu can't keep the princess brat from bringing you some hot newness!  Latreia has come out with some dahling new boots and I just had to share.  Nothing makes a girl feel better than a new pair of shoes!  Of course me being me I had to do something a little quirky and pair them with this super cute school girl outfit from [Monso]!  This hot little number comes with a hud that allows you to change the color and pattern of all the pieces so you get a buncha outfits all in one *insert happy girlie squeals* Now toddle off to get this awesomeness!
Happy shoppin! 
Kaileebaby aka Princess Brat <3

The dish on da stuffs:
Hair: Magika ~ Visit
Skin: Illusory~ Love/Milk (Store gone but keep checking Auxiliary)
Top,vest,tie, skirt: [monso] ~ My School Look - SVS
Boots: ::Latreia Foot Fashion:: ~ Tiffany - Dkbrown

Titty Titty Bang Bang

That title got your attention eh!

First photo is from,.:Cheeky:. #16 on the hunt trail.
A wet tank top. But wet with what?
 That's up personal interpretation I guess.

Photo #2 is a pretty boho type dress from, ~By Eve ~ 
And is #17 on the list.
(Hopefully the lm is current, there was not one in with the gift.)

Last but not least.( Yeah there will be more!)
This hot little number by ::Rack City::
#22 on the list.

Till tomorrow ,
Ember xoxo.
Other credits.
Hair, /Wasabi Pills/ Christy (Not free)
Skin AlVulo! (Not Free)
Super Sexy Shoes [Diktator] (Not free)

Hello Titty Take 2

Good morning everybody!!!
Yeah I'm not feelin so creative today.
 Had my tooth out yesterday and to be honest.
So yeah, waa waa.
 Here's yer post! 
      Happy hunting .

Photo#1 "VOOH" Designs. Stop #7 on the hunt.
 Loads of compliments on this get up.

 Photo #2 Is the prize from Bitch Tail. I think it was #11
Yay for them making this pretty set!

Photo #3 Is the prize from [J'adore] .
Sweet & pink. What more could a girl ask for?
Ttttthhhaaat's all folks.
Ember xoxo.

Other credits.
#1 =DeLa*= Carly (Not free)
#2 & 3 /Wasabi Pills/ Christy (Not free)
Photos taken @ Mc

Helloooooo Titty!!! o.0

Started this hunt last night. Finished this morning. 
30 +  1 Shops..
Now onto the good part...

First photo.
 Meshy dress from Patchwork.
 #1 on the hunt.

Here's one of the two peek a boo tops from  F'N'HawT.
#4 on the hunt.
Something fun for Topless Tuesdays at the Playhouse maybe :P

Last one for today is so far my fave.
A new to me store called *Ellette*
#5 on the list.
I'll be checking back here for sure!!

That's it from me for today.
Kisses and Oh yeah...
Hairs from Wasabi Pills ( Not free)
Pose chair free on Marketplace from irrie's [DOLLHOUSE]
Photo's taken @ Ode & Daddy's Playhouse.

All your boobs are belong to us!

Ohai mon amie!  It's that time again and Kaileebaby aka the Princess Brat (that's me!) has been shoppin, shoppin shoppin!

I've been doing da Tango for a while now so I'm always on the lookout for clothes to hold these puppies in.  And no offense but  PB here (princess brat) is not a big fan of slut wear.  Once again Delirium also known as D-Style  has saved the day!

She has come out with some thing cute, stylish with sass and sexy all mixed up.  Hey!  Thats me!  *giggles*  I did mention that I'm a tad bit vain right? I'm so vain, I probably think this blog is about me.  on wif da show!  skedaddle (is that even a word?)  to D-Style and get dis outfit nao! Da princess has spoken!

 omgooosh!  I almost forgot!  If you like Kawaii (and who doesn't??) then make your way to The Perfect Wardrobe.  They have super kyoot stuffs at super kyoot (i.e. cheap!) prices!  A great way to add some fun and uber flavor to your outfits!

Mucho squishes and lovins!  ~PB~

The Scoop:
Top w/ applier, skirt, shoes, bangles ~ Tam ~ D-Style 
Backpack ~ Kawaii Mousey Gumball Machine Jetpack ~ *Epic* @  The Perfect Wardrobe
Nails & ring ~ Sweet Coated Hand Set ~ UtopiaH @ The Perfect Wardrobe
Skin ~ Love - Milk ~ Illusory (store closed but skins coming soon) @ Auxiliary
Hair ~ Little ~ Magika
Boobies~ Tango Mesh Breasts~ Lolas

From the D to the S...To the Oh Yes,YES!

So I have been combing Marketplace to find um, sweet outfits for my new gams. God what a task. 
Anyhoo, I stumbled across Sharodie's Design . 
And you know what??
 Not only are her prices crazy low already but she is updating 
with Tango appliers for no extra cost!!
 Really ?? 
In this photo I am proudly wearing Wisteria with mesh skirt, TANGO applier...
 I think I paid 19L STEAL!!
 I am oh so pretty.

New group giftie!!
 99L join fee but aww she makes such nice gifts for us
 every month that it's so totally worth it!!
This is this month's gift mesh dress  with mesh boots, oh yeah baby they're pink!! 

Other items in this post..
Hair is from wasabi pills.~ Not free.
Boobies from Lolas  ~ Not free. (What boob job would be?)
Poses from Juxtapose ~ Former free gift from Frost fair.
Photos taken @ Ode and D~Style.

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!
Kisses 'n' leg humps,
 Ember xoxo

Did I mention my love?

Of tangos that is.. 
Ha! What did you think?.. Tut tut.
Anyway, a few freebies I picked up yesterday at BeWbApLoOza.
(Whew. That's more than a mouthful.)

The white top is a gift from Que Bella!

 My other shirt is on your boyfriends floor..(Haha)
A cute gift from Patchwork Heart.

And of course I can not exclude Curio.
 I know it has nothing to do with tangos(YET)
But oh god how we have missed you Gala. 
Glad to have you back!!
And with her return is a fat pack of skins. Cute huh!

Limo to BeWbApaLoOzA

Stretch Hummer to Curio