It's Thursday,What??

Hey, happy Thursday and all that jazz.

Diving right in...
Super sexy pink baby doll is free @ go figure.. BabyDolls.
More pink..hehe.. this outfit is free at NADAS .
You'll find this and more free upstairs.
( I suggest the ..Spacehopper)
And finally...Yep, you guessed it..Little Britain.
This is the outfit currently in the midnight madness board .
Don't worry boy's there's one for you too!

That's it folks.
Ember Out!

Just Wednesday

OK so hump day once again..sigh. Quick question first.OK maybe 2.

#1 Does anyone read this? and if so is it interesting to you, helpful in any way? please leave me a comment.
#2 Would anyone like to join me here at Treasures and blog once and awhile?
I find lately I haven't enough time in my day.
It's beginning to wear on me a bit..Again please leave a comment(even men can blog their free treasures)

Right...Down to the task at hand...In this photo the dress I have on is from Mystic Hope..You can find 2 ladies and 2 mens outfits in the *coffins*The hair is from::XS:: group gift. Scripted to change the tip colour. Photo taken at Black Swan Sim..Hold on to your hats folks..this one's a trip!
In this photo I am wearing a dress called Hermione from Akina's Fashion Emporium.Was $1L yesterday. Photo taken at Fallen Gods Sim.. check this place out!! amazing textures.
He he In this photo I'm wearing....GUMMY BEARS!
For those who know me , you can see why i am excited by this!
the tank and panties are $1L each @ FIRST LOOK. In fact the whole store is 1l right now so roll with it. gogogo! Photo was taken @ CuPpYCaKeUmS!

Well thats about it for today. This post took forever to do up!
But hopefully I shall recieve some responses from you all to let me know that it was worth it...
Fingers crossed

Tuesday' s Tidbits

Hello,hello, and a very happy Tuesday to you all.
Let's dive right in shall we.
Pictured below you will find the latest freebie from hO wEAr It is called charmed.. It's only free till 8pm SLT so get yer arses over pronto!(photo taken @ NEXX)
Next up are free silks from Evil Neko.
Pretty decent for free.
(Photo taken @ Petals & Pixels)

Last but not least .
I got this divine dress called*Chess*
from Pixel Dolls
*suscribo gift*
(Photo taken @ Scribble)

That's it for today darlings.
Go forth and conquer!

Monday @ Little Britain Designs

Good morning my sexy crew.
Well it's Monday and that means..Yes that's right ..My absolute favorite store..Little Britain.
Let's see what goodies they have in store for us this week shall we..
This first photo is items from their camping chairs..
AC/DC sneakers & neko claws with arm bracers*purrssss*
This one below is a back view of the cool neko hat(with ears and hair) and tail from the camping chairs.
Also pictured here is Bloody hands off my ass! jeans from their MM board*
Think people will get the message and not touch me?*(naw he
In this photo you see me modeling their neko army brat outfit from the lucky chair! (yes theres a male version as well!)
Also if you click to enlarge the photo you can see the gothic cross belly ring from the camping chair.
Note the wicked white neko boots..*campimg chair too!*

Last but not least are this weeks freebies called ~Can I play with madness~
Eep my eyes are closed..ah well im farkin tired right!
So props to Little Britain for their awsome designs. Optimystic for being your wonderful self and helping your girl. Bondage playground for lettin me squat on a daily baisis.


Welcome to Wonderland!
Join me on a wondrous journey. It all starts with a drink from a mysterious bottle...
Then it's down the rabbit hole with you!
Here I am hanging with Tweedledee & Tweedledum.
Oh yes this is a freebie fashion blog(duh
) Please note the outfit from -{ScUlPtAsTiC}- Complete neko set from their MM board!
Ah yes..this photo is neat isn't it. Called Spiritual dancer complete avatar . free gift in store from Baiastice
Woohoo I really am the sweetest! This is me playing croquet with the Queen of hearts in my new Candy outfit from Fierce designs. This is free on a sim hunt @ Dubya City

So my darlings, how have you enjoyed your first taste of Wonderland?
Let me tell you a bit more..
Wonderland has been created by a dear friend of mine, 1daisy Short and her Domme Sammi Sosa.
This woman's talents surprise and amaze me constantly.
I honestly believe if this gal puts her mind to it..It shall happen(no matter what it is..cough ball earrings?)
daisy also owns a digital art gallery on the island called Petals and pixels.
So...what are you waiting...Follow me down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.
Cheers my lovelies,

Friday's Forays

Hey all TGIF eh!
Here I have just a few items to show you as ..meh I'm lazy.
  • First photo the hair is vanity in spice from VIXEN lucky chair. This adorable dress is called So cute(go figure) from Angel's Designs. The outfit is called liquid from...Angel's again. Hair is vanity in platinum.
So yes like I said..lazy kitten.
The free outfits at Angel's Designs are on the front counter.
A gift box for men as well..Go deeper into the store to find camping, MM board and a lucky fortune teller.
Cheers loves

Thursday's Dress Down^^

OK boys and girls. Someone(I wont name names)Cough Opti was complaining of lack of nudes.

Today I decided what the hell.
First photo The hair is from VIXEN lucky chair.
The bra panties and hose are from the Scarlet letter hunt witch I will blog soon promise.
The next photo is of a tribal tattoo that I scored off a MM board last night at Ink Assassins.

this is a close up of the hair I won from Goldilocks MM board last night. I quite like this look.

So wherever you may roam enjoy and play nice.
Till tomorrow
Em xoxo it Wednesday?

Morning lovelies..*yawns*

lets see what I have today,hO wEAr has a new freebie out. As usual its only available till 8pm tonight.

I don't recall the store name where I got this smokin hot leather coat.Go get it HERE for $1L!

The shirt was in the free goodies I picked up at Magi.

Last but not least the hair I am wearing is free from Goldilocks MM board.
Have a happy hump day all..*winks*

Magi Take Me Shop

Thanks to Lynny for showing me the Magi take me shop. pictured here is a wall of free! just join the group for 0L$ The rest of the shop seems to be all 5-10L$ items..pretty good textures here too. Now get me out of here before I start spending !!!

hO wEAr *purrs*

hO WeaR has done it again!
Zomg this store is hawt people.
Get your arses down before 8pm to get this sexy free outfit.
Then make sure to check the rest of this store....drool.Ember loves
it! Kisses , Em


Ello my darlings. Sorry for posting so late in the day but hey I actually had things in RL.
Ok sooo Little Britain...DROOL.. OK yes ahem... Down to business
This week in their lucky chairs you will find... The basket case outfits for men and women.(the one with the glorious amounts of blood!) Also the skin I am modeling in all the pics witch is called *Love Bite* Purrs.. A man's version in the chairs as well.
Next up is the camping chairs. In these this week we can find ...An AC/AC belt . An AC/DC Ball cap. spiked arm bands and wicked neko Paw boots(with prints).
Freebies of the week are the Tomboy outfits..(love these) One each for men and women.
Ant whats this...Something new? Yes..a Midnight Madness board!!The red pants i am weating are from the MM also a men's board(get slappin folks)
So yes the many photos I took are above until 1 can figure this all out better.
Any questions Give me a shout. Cheers..Em xoxo

Thalia's Group Gifties!

Wow. Post #3 for today.
Ember is a busy bee.
This afternoon I bring you ..
Drum roll please....
I visited last night for the first time to hit the Midnight Madness board.
What else did I find?
A wall of group gifts!.. Girls you gotta check this one out.
Her textures are so good! and really that's what it's all about isn't it.

Highly detailed, quality clothing from in rich, warm colors and textures. Styles are primarily upscale woman's casual, although there is still plenty of variety, and some items for men as well. They have over 17 Member Gifts and Profile Gifts are given weekly. Right now there is a Red Tag Sale of $50L for individual outfits. Ends Monday at Midnight

10-50L$ SALE!!!!!!

At Ellie's come one come all Ellie's is closing .
All clothes are 10L. Fat packs are 50L.
Sale ends Monday night so get on it girls.
Special thanks to Leyna for Twinning me..(hugs girlfriend)

Limited time hunt!

Get your asses down to .*** Chaisuki *** NEXT GEN SKINS There's a hunt for 20 eggs .
There's skins and tattoos in them. Here is a small sample is a sample

hO wEAr

So this morning I wandered over to hO wEAr just on a hunch that maybe they would have another freebie out.
I was right! I walked in and saw this pretty outfit called Wonderlust.
It is free at hO wEAr untill 8pm SLT.
Love and squishes ,Em

TGIF Part 2

Hey here is the photo that I had deleted..Oopsies.
anyway..Zoot Suit was won in a Midnight Mania board from Wicked wear. Eyes,hair and skin from Free Spirit.1L$ each.
love and squishes ..Em..xoxo


Happy Friday!
Two posts today as I seem to keep deleting photos.
This white outfit, complete with tattoos is from hO wEAr. free for today only I believe.
My hair is from Find Ash It's free.
Eyes free from Free Spirit.Again free.
Skin from Sweet Alice. Thats right, free again.
The photo's were taken in Bondage Playground's new grunge sex washroom.

Thrusday's Dress Up

Good morning sexy shoppers.
These finds are from yesterday. The first 2 outfits are from **:::Ray Skin:::** . Just look at the quality of the textures. The green dress is free inside the store. the Pink school girl type was from their lucky boards(There's 4 types in the boards , and you know my love of school girl look, I'll definitely be back!) The last outfit is ..well hell it's PINK! My buddy miika just adores this one on me I know.So yes lets see..its pink, its latex and...its free from NADAS.You must join her group to recieve her gifts. free to join and totally worth a slot.

Cheers and keep smiling, Em xoxo

Little Britain Part 3

Hellooo Everybodyyyy! Wow what a day I have had.
Lets start at the beginning shall we? OK Opti called me to the store (Little Britain) "Quick *E* on chair! ZOMG*Ember Randt flies across the grid* Yay a skin!!!!(been wanting it like ..FOREVER.
Anyhoo while there Opti and I got our matchy clothes...Awww aint we just the sweetest..
I had a thought...Little Britain doesn't have a Midnight Mania board...OMG EMBER TO THE RESCUE
..You see, I really want to see this shop do well .I IM'd the owner..explained all about the MM boards and how they work.
She is cool, she tp'd over while I was at the lucky store and picked one up..Yes I feel soo cool now My like clothing Idol like not only responded to me...she actually took my advice ZOOOMG!!!
..OK enough ramblings just keep your eyes peeled for a MM board in store soon! enclosed are the freebies of the week for both men and women. Whiplash! Supa hot..And the Made in America skin..I showed it off to Opti first before the photo was taken..Yes I was soon "made by an American.." Cheers my darlings, till tomorrow ..or whatever Em xoxoxo