Just Wednesday

OK so hump day once again..sigh. Quick question first.OK maybe 2.

#1 Does anyone read this? and if so is it interesting to you, helpful in any way? please leave me a comment.
#2 Would anyone like to join me here at Treasures and blog once and awhile?
I find lately I haven't enough time in my day.
It's beginning to wear on me a bit..Again please leave a comment(even men can blog their free treasures)

Right...Down to the task at hand...In this photo the dress I have on is from Mystic Hope..You can find 2 ladies and 2 mens outfits in the *coffins*The hair is from::XS:: group gift. Scripted to change the tip colour. Photo taken at Black Swan Sim..Hold on to your hats folks..this one's a trip!
In this photo I am wearing a dress called Hermione from Akina's Fashion Emporium.Was $1L yesterday. Photo taken at Fallen Gods Sim.. check this place out!! amazing textures.
He he In this photo I'm wearing....GUMMY BEARS!
For those who know me , you can see why i am excited by this!
the tank and panties are $1L each @ FIRST LOOK. In fact the whole store is 1l right now so roll with it. gogogo! Photo was taken @ CuPpYCaKeUmS!

Well thats about it for today. This post took forever to do up!
But hopefully I shall recieve some responses from you all to let me know that it was worth it...
Fingers crossed


  1. I love gummy-bears. Can I have a bite?

  2. I read this! I can understand how you feel Ember, been having the same lately. Doing all the work and people might not even read it or be interested in it. But do it for fun, even if its not daily, make a post when you have time or you are bored. Didn't feel like posting on my blog yesterday, and today i do so i am posting two.

    Hugs, keep up the good work!
    But Ember, you do a really good job at this blog and that's why i started my own. You inspired me and i love reading you blog, hell i like it so much i sometimes visit every 20mins hoping you posted already.

    Anyway, back to the outfits. I love the first dress, and people should definitely visit the Fallen Gods sim.. it is a piece of art on its own.


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