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All these zombies running round this Halloween.. I ran for my life but finally being exhausted tripped and fell to my fate..
Now here I lay on Little Britain couch *In their weekly freebie,Basket case(Jacket, pants,knife & gloves)* 
In a haze of pain and confusion a fire burning in my belly...Seeing all the blurry shapes walking past to hit the MM board I groan out...Brainsss.

Other items worn in this post.
Hair~LBD Wicked and wild in snow white(not free)
Boots~LBD New rock gothic black(not free)
Skin(some place called Wotan's gothic LM is stale sorry) 
Right thats it. 
Name this post for me would you..
My thoughts are hard to sort for some reason
*wipes a trickle of blood from her chin*

Happy monday

Happy Hump Day!!!

Let's start this morning off with this dress I got from the DSN  
It is from Inara's Fantasy .
I flew over to check out the shop.. 
lots of dollarbie sales on the back wall. 
1l silks and gowns, involved in a few hunts as well.

 Next up is FREE HAIR! 
Yep this supa cool Grape a lishious hair is one of 3 free ones at mikan. 
Kiss this baby..
  My new rockin outfit from LBD, on the mix n mingle hunt.*Hint* I <3 boots. 
I found this tail on xstreet as a gift from them. 
love it
 great textures,fluff and scripted to annoy the masses! muahaha..

Thats all I got for now folks.. Happy humping!

Fly me to the moon

Woo ..I thought I would never get home..
Hehe joking.
Just a space cadet...
Erm yeah OK right where was I
.. Oh ya.. I found a new to me shop tonight called La Petite Morte. 
They have all kinds of neat things.. The sky boxes look outta this world! 
Also photo box sets..
Now if you don't understand what these are.. go look! 
They are great for backgrounds, just byo pose!..
OOh yeah... see this photo?.. It's a dollarbie pose for halloween..
some come on down and check this place out, 
be cool like me :P~~

Monday @ Little Britain

Anyway enough of my bitchin...
This week at LBD....
On the MM board is this hoodie
Also this week's freebie is Urban Warrior.
I have had so many comments when trying to set up for this post..
" Ohh Ember you look so dark" 
Or."Wow...That's a lot of blood!" 
LOL ..SO needless to say. this one will get you noticed.

I Like Latex!!

Have you ever been to Kayliwulf Kingdom?

They have tons and I mean tons of latex.
This store is massive folks and please beware of lag monsters..
They are everywhere here.
But once you press through the lag and go down stairs you see this...

A whole huge table filled with gift boxes..
And whats that?...
Oh yea, they are all FREE!
Something different in every box, color coded by the bows.
Please don't get confused here, there are actually 2 tables.
The smaller one has boxes themselves for sale for 10l.
Pictured above is the naughty schoolgirl in sunset.
I persevered and finally found the matching thigh boots!

In this photo I have on one of their sticky latex sport dresses with free toe shoes!!

Well yea haw..

Free latex all over the place.
Here's your TAXI... Have fun!
Em, xx

Thursday, Some stuff for you.


First up is this beautiful crying skin that I saw on Second Life 24h.
I fell in love and headed over to Asri Falcone Originals.
They have a pay what you want wall.
How cool is that!!!

Pictured above is today's freebie from hO wEAr.
I really like this one.
It is only free today till 8pm,SLT.

It's Monday...Wake Up!!

And what Monday would be complete without some LBD.
This is this weeks freebie,called
And a new group gift from Luna's.
This woman spoils us so..
This time it is this red lingerie.

Well that's all for now..
Prolly post more later today..
Who knows eh.
kisses. Em,xoxo


Hello, Here's some decent MM boards to slap.First up is some cute hair from VOLT
I was on tour and went to visit my old stomping ground the Unwanted Mall. Here I found 2 MM boards.
First one at Spell cats

And the second one .. So totally cute.
From Back alley neko's

Friday part 2

Quickie post ..I'll add the proper URL's when I'm back in world.LBD leather jackets on the MM boards. go slap!
Mounds of hair to be had at LALA MOON. Look at all the lucky letter boards!!Also this weekend Magika is having a Massive HAIR SALE!!! $99L per colour pack!

Some stuff for Friday

Hey all. TGIF!!
Have some randomness on me.
Dress and skin free from ROCKBERRY
Now this is not free but I just wanted to show off Pony Ember.
Because yeah you guessed it.
I'm vain and a bit of a weirdo.
So you can find this outfit,
and many others here at the FFF Tack Shop


OK. So ,I was going through my blog roll this morning and what did i find?
*Great finds!*
Ha ha
I started with Super Bonita and found this smashing SILVER dress!
(thank you Ollivia)
Why am I so stinking excited about this?
Well, my longtime friend Forceme Silverspar has been looking for a silver dress for like EVER.
He he..
hope you like it hunny xx.
Next stop on my blog pervin tour was SL Good deals where Gabi Fitzgerald modeled this pretty skin..
I had to have it!!!
But alas my TP failed miserably & I ended up at the wrong shop due to a borked SL.
Well me bein the helpful lil subby that I am wrote Gabi a NC telling her about the failed TP..
She swooped right in and saved the day..
Seems SL and me were at odds.
There was nothing wrong with said TP..
Duh I felt foolish but hey,

What is Ember wearing?
HAIR~@TEKUTEKU(free or $1L)
SKIN~Sharon @ YS
&YS(group gift instore)
EYES~Magrttes fantasy@YIPS(free)
COLLAR~by Nikala Thespian of COLD EMBRACE (Custom made:)
DRESS~::TGIS:: (free gift..under the suscribomatic)

Hope you liked this post.

~~~~~~~~~~~~HAIR SALE~~~~~~~~~~~~

This first photo is the non sale hair,
I love this store..
So cute and hair is inexpensive.
(IE, 150l per colour)
YEAH This hair whore is in heaven!!
OK so when you rezz on the sim ,
you will see the sale area on the right.

The hair in this area is 70l..
Who can say no to this deal!!!
The sale runs to the end of the month..
Get yer tushes on down to TEKUTEKU!
Also inside you will find a lucky chair and some free hair.

Huggles and squishes

Sorting Inventory *screams*

Some stuff for Monday.

So I was looking through my*TO BE SORTED* folder..
( I think it's like half my inventory)
and came up with a few things to share with you .
Above is the Cat woman outfit.
A group gift from Luna's boutique.

And oh lookie here.. More latex..
A pink kitty suit from Mesmerize Dungeon.

In this photo I am wearing, Hair(hunt gift at :::IrEn:::)
Leather jacket (free from LBD MM board)
Pants from LBD'S weekly freebie CAUTION
And their New rock Gothic black boots
(not free)

Here is a full shot of CAUTION!
Hair is from Deadkitties .
Free on the HTGT hunt.

Last but not least is this sexy outfit from Blacklace.
I believe it is a gift in store.

So that's it from me today.
Hope you found this post interesting.
Kisses, Ember,xx


My Friend Shadow TP'd me out of the blue to a shop named [Decoy].
I have never been here before.
But let me tell you, I'm defiantly going back!!
I landed in a very crowded shop,
Once I had rezzed I began to see signs randomly placed around the shop.
They said

The hair, shirt , jeans, boots
(I squealed at the boots!)

& dresses I am wearing were all

Click photo's to enlarge.
Here's your taxi to [Decoy] check them out!