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All these zombies running round this Halloween.. I ran for my life but finally being exhausted tripped and fell to my fate..
Now here I lay on Little Britain couch *In their weekly freebie,Basket case(Jacket, pants,knife & gloves)* 
In a haze of pain and confusion a fire burning in my belly...Seeing all the blurry shapes walking past to hit the MM board I groan out...Brainsss.

Other items worn in this post.
Hair~LBD Wicked and wild in snow white(not free)
Boots~LBD New rock gothic black(not free)
Skin(some place called Wotan's gothic LM is stale sorry) 
Right thats it. 
Name this post for me would you..
My thoughts are hard to sort for some reason
*wipes a trickle of blood from her chin*

Happy monday


  1. Death Overcame Me, you obviously didn't escape ^^

  2. Groovy Ghoulie


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