Fart Loading ? o.0

Yep that's what it says..


Fart now loading.. 
This funny Tee can be found in Little Britain's MM board this week.
200 slaps and it's yours.
Cheers ,Ember
Oh and please do try to stay up wind eh.

Extra Extra..Read all about it!

This just in from LBD.


Gothica outfit..
(loveee this one)

This one is called Day Walkers.
(I just adore the jacket on this one)

Last but not least is BullDog

Totally Rockin .
Comes with headphones for your belt and head.
Also for the next two days when you buy this outfit you recieve  a matching turntable!! 
Know a DJ?
What neater giftie.

Thats it now, honestly 
Peace out

Happy LBD Day !!

Here's this weeks freebie named.
Appropriately, Neko. 

Also worn in this photo..
  1.  Punk bitch hair..Peroxide blonde $300 L
  2. New Rock MPX Extreme boots. $400L
This outfit is called Resident Evil.
This one is not free but comes with a ton of stuff 
+ scripted blades for $700L 
Also worn in this photo.
  1. New Rock boots $400L
  2. Black,red Rose hair. $300L
That's it for now folks. 
I have a few more new Items stashed away in my inventory from this awesome shop to show you soon..
Stay tuned! 

Feelin Emo?

I'm definitely not but I dressed up to look all sad, mad  & COOL just for you!!

This is emo from Little Britain Design
200 slaps needed to close the MM boards and make this outfit your own . Boy's board as well.

Oh and see the picture behind me on the billboard there?
(decided to take a better pic for you to see !) 

That outfit is called Rise above and looks super hawt like school girl goes punk.
400$ and comes with shirt, socks, underpants,neck bracer, arm bracer& belt with skirt.
Whew, great deal.!! 
I just wish to say thank you so much LBD for your continuing generosity.
Ember, xoxo
P.S. My hair is for sale here (Wicked and wild black)
Also boots (New Rock Gothic Black Boots)
Skin was off their lucky chairs!

The making of a man.

Okay boys and girls listen up!
 I saw this fantastic free skin on 
 ( Ty, Yves)
I just had to show you! So I turned one of my alts into a boy.

Let's call him Nix. 
Isn't he pretty?
He is wearing T shirt and jeans from

A totally wicked freebie shop.
I recommend a visit here boys!
And if you are able, leave a tip in the jar eh?

Here's a shot of the yummy skin..can be found at
You join their group and buy the male gift for 1$.

My hair is free from  UncleWeb Studio
It's called Reid. 
 So here you go.
Proof positive that you can make a great looking boy 
For  FREE!

Happy Monday..

You mean I did it again?..
Tuesday you say?..


Story of my life.
Day late and a dollar short..
But that's okay you see because Little Britain's newest freebie PEACE is here all week.. 
That's right boys and girls, TP on over to LBD to get it and check out their hair and skin and boots..
And..and LOL just shop there already..
They Rock!
Kisses and leg humps
Ember xoxo

Happy over commericalized day

Some sexiness for you in time for Valentines Day.
Yeah I know you all seen this stuff before .
But , if I don't blog it, I don't get to show it off :)
                This is a group gift from Barbie Bitch. Join the group get the goods!
Okay so blogger doesn't seem to love me and won't let me upload more photos so I'll just post SURL's below.
  • Barbie Bitch Join the group and hit the gift on the floor..They have some great looking distressed jeans as well*Not free though.
  • Nyte'N'Day Join the suscribo I think!
  • <3Lovelace<3 Join the suscribo you'll be rewarded.

Shameless Bits

Come on down to Shameless Bits and slap this naughty board..
Give your man a valentine he will remember.

New MM item @ LBD

That's right. 200 slaps and this shirt is yours!


As usual great textures. 
One for the boys as well.

Wild Thing

Ok, check this out..

 Brand new from LBD this full avatar called Ava blue.
Comes complete with everything you need.

( asset server ate my pants but hey, I look smokin without, dontcha think?)
Set comes with .. Shape,skin.hair.ears,tail,eyes,clothes and scripted bow.
All this for 1300$.
And yes I know this is supposed to be a freebie blog but this was to well made to pass up.
I was with a male friend who normally doesn't notice me and he actually stopped and said.. 
Woah.. that's hot!
So worth the 1300 for my ego boost ^^
Heres yer TAXI

For His Nibs..

So as you saw a few posts ago Amacci is having a hair sale.
(Thank~you Force for blogging this!) 
While the hair I liked was not on sale
I did find my new favorite skin. 
I joined the suscribo and got this gorgeous skin. 
I love love love it.
It even has tattoos!

Here's a close up of the tattoos click to enlarge photo.

xx Force this makes me so happy.
So there ya go 2 posts from me today..ZOMG 
This one is dedicated to my #1 Snatch fan
Peace out

Be Still My Beating Heart

Meet my new friend Bald Scientist. 
We met awhile ago in the Little Britain group chat and I believe he found me amusing. 

Well today I ran into him at LBD and now... 
He's got a raging heart on for me!!
Seriously though He graciously agreed to pose with me today to show off LBD's newest freebie 
*Love you*
It comes with shirt, jeans and an animated belt..
* The heart throbs 
<3 awww Ivica <3.
So yes a great morning here in Ember's world. 
Spiffy new outfit and a brand new friend.. 
Hope your day is as productive.
Thank you Bald!
Hugs & Kisses

Amacci hair sale!

I found me a hair sale! Quite miraculous really as I don't much do hair. But I am kinda into hats at the moment and by heck, hats and hair are a bugger to get right.

This sale includes tons of styles, with and without hats, for girls and boys so get ya bums down to HERE and get yaself a bargain!

Four colour packs are L$30 each! Or the whole, hmm 40-something colours for L$90.

Wanna see some Sn@tch?

So I saw this top On another blog I HAD to have it.
Soo I headed over to get me some Sn@tch.
(can you tell I like saying sn@tch?)
Well , while I was there lost and confused beyond belief
(visit the shop and you'll understand why)
I being me found FREEBIES!
Here I am with my BFF to show off our Sn@tch.
BFF is wearing their comfy black sweater and I am wearing Flufferx outfit..
All free.

 Sometimes my BFF gets a bit exasperated  by my antics.
And bless her for stickin with my crazy butt.
In this photo she is wearing their free button down top and my outfit was free off the lucky chair.
So go to the shop.
Then use the TP board to the free and cheap stuff. 
Thats all for now folks.. 
Mebbe back soon with something super special from my fave shop...
Stay tuned..
P.s. I need a sim with lots of foliage,IE jungle
Please comment below!!

Tuesday Quickie

Go to lvs&co find a rose and buy it for 1L.
This is part of the Magic and romance hunt that started yesterday. Not sure that I will do the whole thing but this dress was just too special not to share.

Bleary Eyed Monday's

I haven't slept a wink all night. 
Or is it today?
So this will be straight to the point.

Here's this weeks freebie from
Hell I feel like a zombie! 

This sexy little number is courtesy of Seldom Blue.
You can only find it