Feelin Emo?

I'm definitely not but I dressed up to look all sad, mad  & COOL just for you!!

This is emo from Little Britain Design
200 slaps needed to close the MM boards and make this outfit your own . Boy's board as well.

Oh and see the picture behind me on the billboard there?
(decided to take a better pic for you to see !) 

That outfit is called Rise above and looks super hawt like school girl goes punk.
400$ and comes with shirt, socks, underpants,neck bracer, arm bracer& belt with skirt.
Whew, great deal.!! 
I just wish to say thank you so much LBD for your continuing generosity.
Ember, xoxo
P.S. My hair is for sale here (Wicked and wild black)
Also boots (New Rock Gothic Black Boots)
Skin was off their lucky chairs!